Show Parent Child Related

Where Used: Client or Vendor Inquiries 

The SapphireOne Parent-Child Relationship in the data base, is a unique link within the Sapphire One client and/or vendor master records. For example, you may have a master franchisor, and then each franchisee would be a child sitting under the franchisor. In this case you would send the client invoice to the child or the franchisee, but the final statement is always sent to the parent or the franchisor or for payment. This is one example and the parent child relationship works for both clients and vendor’s.

Highlight or select the Client or Vendor that you want to check and then select Show Parent Child Related from the tools menu. All Parents and Children entries related to the selected Client or Vendor will be displayed in a list. 

From the list of Clients in the Bondi Blue demo file we have selected KENSUPPY.
SapphireOne has filtered the list as seen below. A parent and three child clients.

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