Error Controller - Instantly Find Error Transactions

Error Controller Overview

When the Error Controller tool is selected SapphireOne will search for any transactions that have a status of err, or error. This function has been provided so that a user is quickly able to look for or be immediately made aware of any transactions that have a status of err or error.

An alert will be displayed in the lower right hand corner of the screen.

The upper section of this alert will display any transactions that have an error. The lower section will display any Invoices that have an error. A description of the available functionality is as follows.

  • Open In Inquiry – Select a transaction to View / Modify
  • Close – Exit the Error Controller
  • Refresh Every X Seconds – Set interval for automatically checking for errors
  • Server Message – Status alerts generated by the server.
  • Controller Message – Messages that have been reported from the controller which is a subset of the controller.

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