Creating New Inventory - Boost Your Inventory Management

Creating New Inventory Overview

This article will document the basic procedure, steps and some tips, when creating any new inventory items. New Inventory items are created using a base Inventory Inquiry and not an Inventory Locations Inquiry.


For Example, a Vendor produces a new accessory for a guitar that your business wishes to order and sell in store.

  1. Open SapphireOne and select Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry as seen below.
  1. Once you are in the Inventory inquiry function, click on the plus Blue + Add Button button in the Navigation Toolbar as seen below.
  1. Details Page Data Entry – Below is the inventory interface that will initially be displayed, where you can enter as much, or as a little detail as you want for the new Inventory item. The only compulsory fields are the ID, and the Name, and the only variable that cannot be changed easily later is the Inventory ID.
    • Type – This will be set as normal but always check that this is correct as it is difficult to alter this at a later date when stock for this item has been purchased and sold.
    • Pricing – If you have a purchase price these selling price or prices may be entered now or later when they have been established.
    • Other Data Entry fields – These may be entered now or filled in as the information and time becomes available.
  1. More Details Page Data Entry – You may use the mouse or select the F2 key to move to the second page of data entry.
    • Costing Type – This will e set as Average so check it carefully as it is difficult to alter when this Inventory item has been purchased and sold.
    • Vendors Area – It is IMPORTANT that users ensure that they enter a vendor (as seen below) for the new inventory item to enable the Back to Back ordering function.
  1. If you wish to enter additional barcodes, users can click the Controls Page on the pages dropdown, or press the F5 button, to open the page as seen above.

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