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Location Change Overview

The Sapphire Location Change tool enables the user to edit or change the Location field on one or multiple Serial / Batch Inventory items only. There are many reasons as to why the location of inventory changes. For example, a change of address, relocation within a warehouse, shelf position, pick face, row, etc. The user also has the ability to filter out records they don’t wish to apply the Change of Location to. They can do this by using the Find function on the main toolbar and removing them from the list.

Location Change tool is an extremely useful tool for managing inventory items. For example, you may have a large number of stock or inventory that is required to be moved from one warehouse to another that have different locations, or perhaps a shelf position, pick face, row, etc. within a current location. The user can search the records of the relocated inventory items and utilise the Location Change tool to change the Location information on that particular inventory.

The user should be aware that this Change of Location will be applied to all records on screen. 

If you don’t want this new location to be applied to all records you will have to filter out the records that you don’t want by using the Find function on the main Toolbar. 

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