Delivery is a critical component of any business agreement between buyer and seller. Generally a contract will stipulate the exact terms of delivery between the contracting parties to ensure that goods and/or services are received on time. The sellers adherence to these terms is paramount to maintaining good business relations.

The SapphireOne Delivery feature enables the management of goods that have to be delivered. Transactions processed through this feature will automatically be converted to Sales Client Invoices (SCI’s) for the goods delivered. If there are any undelivered items in the order that are not 100% delivered, the Order (OCI) will be updated accordingly by progressively reducing the quantity in the order until all goods listed are completely delivered.

It should be noted that by default, if SapphireOne calculates that it has the required number as ordered in stock, it will offer to fully deliver all stock as originally ordered. If this is not required for any order the user may highlight the particular order, select the modify button and manually alter either the number to be delivered or the number to be placed back on back order.

This feature can be accessed by navigating to Inventory > Sales > Delivery.

This is the Delivery Screen where the arrived items are selected and processed.

SapphireOne’s implementation of both Dictation (MacOS) and Speech to Text (Windows) is a game changer for anybody doing data entry within SapphireOne. Any data entry field that the user can type into using a keyboard, they can use this feature.

They can also use this functionality on all inquiry screens within SapphireOne. For example, the user is in a Contact within a Client and they have just made a phone call to that particular client using the Softphone technology, this will automatically date and time stamp the contact and the phone number you called to. As soon as the call is completed or finished, the user has the ability to use the Speech to Text (Windows) function or Dictation (MacOS) function and dictate into the memo field of the CRM contact, adding as much description as they require.

This functionality applies across every single Data Entry screen. For example, if the user is entering a Vendor Invoice (VI) and they want to add a memo within the Vendor Invoice (VI), the user can simply dictate the memo. Another example is if the user wants to add additional lines to the General Ledger account, within each General Ledger account when the user is completing data entry using a General Ledger, there’s always a unique memo field for each General Ledger account line, the user can utilise this feature to quickly add the information they need to add. Additionally, if you’ve got an interview with an employee and after the interview process is completed the user is able to make notes about the employee.

Speech to Text or Dictation is an extremely powerful tool and it’s something that we at SapphireOne as well as our clients utilise daily. It is a massive timesaver. 

Delivery Quantity Selection

  • Complete Orders – Select the line with the complete order and click in the 100% column.
  • Incomplete Orders – For any orders that are not complete the user select the line and click in the ?% column. SapphireOne will display the Order ready for the user to enter in the adjusted quantities as seen below.
  • Partial Deliveries – For partial Deliveries the user will have to enter the arrived quantities on a line by line basis. 
    • There is an additional Delivery Date for the order as a whole and another Delivery Date for each line in the order. 
  • Query for Orders – Within the Back Order function users may query for orders that had line items due up to a certain date. Some of these orders could potentially have line items that are not due for delivery for sometime after so you don’t want to deliver any available stock at this point. The user may alter the Delivery dates on each line and then select the recalc button.

When the order is set at fully deliver 100% on delivery screen for a master, SapphireOne will automatically mark all of the kit children to fully deliver as well. 

Once all is correct select the process button to process the arrivals from OCI’s to unposted SCI’s.

Once you press this button the items will be POSTED and no longer modifiable and the details will flow through to the General Ledger.  The items cannot be unposted. 

Mark All:  Marks all records in the list by placing a tick for a Mac, or a + symbol for a PC, in the 100% Column. Be careful as this will assume that all orders have arrived and are ready for delivery. 
Unmark All:  Un-marks all records in the list by removing the tick or + sign as above. The reverse of above! 
100% Column:  Clicking in this column tells SapphireOne to arrive all of the order provided the master default for this option has not been set. If this column shows a tick for a Mac, or a + symbol for a PC, at the end of a line it indicates that all the goods on this order were fully delivered over-riding the current values. If serial/batch setting is on you will need to click on the line to bring the modify screen up in order to enter serial batch numbers.  Note: All 100% delivered OVI’s will be changed to unposted SCI’s. 
?% Column:  The user must click in this column for any incomplete orders.  SapphireOne will then display the OVI for modification of the quantity that has arrived and is ready for delivery.  When the modified OVI is saved with (with a new internal reference number) SapphireOne will also create an unposted SCI for the goods to be delivered.  SapphireOne will then display a tick for a Mac or a + symbol for a PC in the ?% column. This indicates that the user has only partially delivered the original OVI. 
Printed Only:  This toggles between Printed Only and All Records to enable you to view Transactions that have already been printed. 
Find:  Lets you search for particular record using Date In or Internal Reference number. 
Query:  This enables you to do a Query to find a particular Transaction or group of Transactions. 
Print:  Prints the selected Transaction. 
Look:  Enables you to view the selected Transaction without altering it. 
Modify:  Enables you to modify the selected Transactions. This is where you can update the quantities that are to be delivered. 
Process:  Clicking on the Process button will bring up the standard Processing Screen. Once selected, SapphireOne will then process all 100% and partially delivered Transactions creating Invoices as required. 

These transactions will only be modifiable up to the point at which they are Posted

Master Default for the %100 deliver column

There is a master default that may be set by going to Utilities > Controls > Master Defaults > Invoices

When this option is selected, SapphireOne will check when a user tries to select the %100 deliver column. If there is insufficient stock to make the delivery they will not be allowed to proceed. They then will have to select the ? % which will display the modify qty screen as seen below where they will be allowed to override the inventory stock levels.

Modify Quantity Screen

When the order is incomplete SapphireOne will display the original OVI on screen. This allows the user to alter the quantities to be delivered on the Invoices. You can see here immediately what Line Items are available for immediate Delivery and what your current stock levels are at a glance. 

If all ordered stock is to be delivered at this time update the Deliver field with the same number that is in the Ordered field. If the quantity to be delivered is less than the Ordered amount a new transaction will be created when you select Process to retain the undelivered quantity on order and also produce an invoice for the Delivered items. 

Highlight a transaction and either select the button or click in the ?% column to make modifications in accordance with the delivery. You can then alter any of the Invoices on this screen to match with the number you have in stock and can deliver immediately with this order. 

You may alter either the B/O or Deliver quantities as these fields interact with each other and SapphireOne will automatically calculated the other data entry field. 

Make any alterations to either the B/O or the Deliver entry fields as these two fields inter react with each other. An SCI will then be created with the items to be delivered now, and the quantity on the OCI will be reduced accordingly.  If all of the items are in stock and the Ordered field is altered, an SCI with the new ordered number will be created and the OCI will be deleted. 

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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