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Hire Calendar Overview

Many companies that have setup for the hire of Inventory items will take forward bookings. Keeping track of an Inventory’s items hiring status on a given day or week in the future can be a time consuming task. SapphireOne has provided a Gantt chart so that the user is able to see at a glance precisely when any Inventory item has been hired out.

Before selecting the Hire Calendar tool the user should note the following.
The Hire Calendar tool is only used with Base Inventory and will only list those items with their type set as Hire.
If there are 100 hire items on screen SapphireOne will list them all in the Hire Calendar list on screen.

When this tool is accessed SapphireOne will display a Gantt chart which is directly linked to inventory items with a type set as Hire. The calendar will display any inventory items either currently out on hire or returned. The months displayed will by default last month, this month and next month. 

By entering in different dates in the Date From and Date To fields additional months may be viewed in this calendar

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