Batch Email

Where Used: Inventory > Sales or Purchases > Transaction Inquiry 

Batch Email Overview

The SapphireOne user has the ability to email sales and purchase transaction types from within the inquiry screen and they will be emailed directly from SapphireOne. This is something that can be set up with various email inquiry screens, for example, Receivables or Payables within Accounts mode and allows enormous flexibility in the type of design output that you’ve predefined. The email will always be produced as a PDF. The SapphireOne user also has the ability, once the email is sent you can set a default that can automatically attach the email attachment to the particular transaction it was sent from in the client or vendor record within the Document Management System (DMS). So the user has always got a permanent record of all the emails that have been produced from SapphireOne for your Clients, Vendors, Employees, Job Projects or whatever it may be. SapphireOne also automatically generates an email log for all emailed documents.

Menu-Sapphire Tools-Batch Email

When Batch emailing has been correctly set up, selecting this function will display the batch email screen. 

Any transactions from Clients or Vendors who have the email option selected in their master file will be displayed here. Tick all the transactions from the single Vendor and select send. A batch email will be generated and sent to that particular Client or Vendor. 

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