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SapphireOne Transaction Inquiry screens allows the SapphireOne user to post transactions from within a transaction inquiry screen if the user has authorisation by going into any of the modes i.e. Accounts, Inventory, Job Projects. The SapphireOne user will be able to either right mouse click on a transaction if it’s unposted. Once the user has right mouse clicked, they will be presented with e a drop-down that will have Look, Modify, Post. If the user selects Post it will then convert the transaction from being unposted to a posted status. Once the transaction has been posted you will not be able to modify with the exception of Custom Modify.

Alternatively, from a transaction inquiry screen, the user can can elect to select a group of unposted transactions. Typically, they would highlight the unposted transaction and show subset. There is a keyboard shortcut of Command G (MacOS) or Ctrl G (Windows). Once the SapphireOne user has a subset of transactions they would highlight, the user can select Command A (MacOS) or Ctrl A (Windows) to select all and highlight all transactions, and then by selecting the Tools Tools Icon Main Toolbardrop-down from the palate and they can select Post Transactions Tool.

This tool has been provided in the transaction list screen in Accounts mode for the convenience of SapphireOne users. 

Exercise caution when using this tool as SapphireOne will post all transactions currently highlighted in the list on screen.

  1. Select the transactions to be posted.
  2. Select from the options menu Show Subset or use the keyboard short cut (Command G)
  3. Select Tools > Process > Post Transactions.
  4. Select OK in the confirmation alert.

An alert will be displayed requesting confirmation to post the transactions and then how many.

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