Web Server Remote Access

The SapphireOne Web server can be accessed on premises, and also remotely over the internet which we will outline here. This access would be established by your organisations IT network administrator, and is not the responsibility of SapphireOne. Very little setup is needed as a registered domain on the web is not required.

A Fixed IP Address on the local network in combination with your companies public IP address is essential. The traffic to the Web server would require that Port forwarding be set up within the company’s local network to the machine running the company’s data file.

Once this is established any device with a modern web browser and internet access may be used. Safari or Chrome browsers are recommended as they have been confirmed by us for compatibility.

The actual data that is displayed to the Web Pack user, used to be different as there was a large difference between what a telephone could display and a computer or a laptop. As of 2023 these differences have largely disappeared so that now a single web interface is utilised across all of these devices.

When the users login credentials have been verified, and the data file is initially accessed, SapphireOne will display the navigation page as seen below.


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