Cashier Reconciliation

Cashier Reconciliation Overview

The Cashier Reconciliation function can be found within SapphireOne Accounts mode. It enables the SapphireOne user to perform quick and simple reconciliations of cash received during a working day.

While other transactions will also be displayed in the list, SapphireOne will only total the cash transactions. All that is required to be entered is the Opening and Closing Actual Cash balances in the till at the time of performing the reconciliation.

How to Enter a Cashier Receipt Reconciliation

When selecting the Cashier Receipt Reconciliation function from SapphireOne Accounts Receivables Menu, SapphireOne presents the user with the above data entry screen. SapphireOne will automatically enter todays date, however the user may also enter any dates that are required if necessary.

Next enter the Opening balance of the till, as well as the Actual Cash amount in the till at the closing of business, also known as the Closing Balance. SapphireOne will then add the Opening and Actual Cash figures and display any variance figure if found.

Finally, select the Process button. This will process the transaction and save the Cash Reconciliation in the following location Utilities > History > Cash Reconciliation. Please note that the record in History may not be deleted or modified by the user.

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