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The Sapphire One Load Delivery Run tool is used within the Manager Manifest Inquiry and by selecting the Manifest and then selecting the particular Manifest that you want, you would highlight that record or records and show subset and then select all by keyboard Command A (MacOS) or Control A (Windows). Once you’ve selected it, select the Sapphire tool Load Delivery Run and you’ll, as the user, be able to add the Delivery Run to those particular Manifests that you choose.

Where Used: Inventory > Manager > Manifest Inquiry 

Load Delivery Run Overview

We need an overview. Since this is directly linked to manifest we need the over view to stat it.

Sapphire Tools Manifest menu
Sapphire Tools-Load Delivery Run Tool.

Once the user opens up a Manifest inquiry the user will note there is now a Manifest Run item on the list with a name that corresponds with the Delivery Run names selected from the Create Manifest run tool. 

This Manifest will be filled and sorted with Orders due for delivery on the selected date for clients linked to the relevant Delivery Run and their pre-set delivery sequence. 

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