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General Considerations 

This function is very similar to the file managers in both Mac’s and PC’s. 

It displays a graphical representation of the links to all documents or files in SapphireOne to the function that they are linked to. For example, in Bondi Blue we have a number of documents linked to the Client ARCGRO.

If a document or a file is added anywhere within the SapphireOne system from within a function of some type it will automatically create a link to the function that it was created from. 

If added here or from the Palette the user will have to manually create that link when adding the document as SapphireOne has no way of working out what function the document is to be linked to! 

This Document Manager function is also accessed using the Palette function. All items on the Palette drop down menu if on other drop down menus will be documented in the relevant manual so as to avoid duplication. 

Document Management function 

Once the user opens this Document Management function SapphireOne will display the links as seen below. 

The user may also open this Document Management function and create a subdirectory for example Vendors, the select a document that is to be linked to a selected Vendor. 

Then from a Vendor Inquiry SapphireOne will display the document in the Document Page for that Vendor. This would be the same as if the user has the Vendor Inquiry open and selected the Document Page and linked to a document while the Vendor Inquiry was open. 

There are a number of buttons displayed on this screen. Selecting the button enables the user to add a sub Directory immediately below the currently highlighted directory. Selecting the button will delete the currently highlighted directory. 

Selecting the button will cause SapphireOne to display a standard search screen to be displayed. The user has the option of selecting a single document or using the command and shift keys in combination with a mouse click to select multiple documents for insertion at the same time. 

Highlighting a document/file in the right-hand column and selecting the button will cause SapphireOne to display the pop up as seen to the right. 

This pop up allows the user to first select the master file that is to be used. Once the master file has been selected the user may the enter in a value directly or us a normal wild card a search to select the exact value. 

For example, the when the Vendor master file is selected entering the @ symbol for a full wildcard search will produce the same result as when the user enters in a Purchase order and selects the Vendor by doing the same wildcard search. 

If the same document/files are linked to multiple master files this will reduce the amount of data that is to be stored in the data file. 

Once the linking has been established correctly SapphireOne will then display the link in the left hand part of the screen. 

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