Calendar Overview

Selecting Calendar from Workbook Mode will display this calendar which by default will be in monthly mode. 

This displays current Actions in a graphical interface which is much easier to check. 

By selecting from the menu at the top of the screen they may also be displayed on a Weekly or Daily basis. In the screenshot below we have selected Weekly from the tabs. For the screen shot above that was the 09 June 2015.

Workbook Mode 

  • Navigation buttons are provided for moving backwards and forwards through dates at top of the calendar. << and >> move backwards or forwards a year. < and > move backwards and forwards a month. The Today button will cause SapphireOne to return to the current date that the computers clock is set to. 
  • When the button is selected, SapphireOne will display a number of options for the calendar display as seen in the screenshot to the right. 
  • If the Action is in Red, it is an Action. Orange indicates that it is an Alarm. 
  • Actions may be accessed directly from this calendar. Click on an existing Action and the pop up to the right will be displayed. Basic details about the Action are displayed with the provision for the user to Edit, Look or Delete an Action. Once the Action is selected for Viewing or Modifying it is exactly the same as in the previous section in this manual on Actions. 
  • Click in an empty cell in the calendar and SapphireOne will display a pop up as seen to the right enabling the creation of a New Action
  • By selecting the checkbox before creating a new action SapphireOne will limit access to the action to the current user and a user that has Admin privileges. 

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