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Inquiries Palette Overview

The SapphireOne Inquiries Palette Inquiries provides convenient access to all primary Inquiry screens as well as facilitating multi screen access to an unlimited amount of inquiry screens simultaneously. This is possible whilst maintaining access to the primary toolbar menus. This facility therefore enables appreciable benefits for workflow and multi-tasking.

The SapphireOne user may for example have fifty screens open simultaneously. In that scenario the screens will all be accessible using the Explorer / Finder toolbar menu. This allows the SapphireOne user to quickly navigate from one screen to another. If the SapphireOne user has substantial monitor area to utilise, the screens can be tiled adjacent to one another.

Screens are grouped starting with Accounts mode and inclusive of Client, Vendor, General Ledger and then followed by the Inventory mode group which is inclusive of Inventory, Inventory Locations, Matrix, etc.

Some more examples include Account, Inventory and Time transaction inquiries, which all provide a convenient grouping of transactions. The user will find these inquiries valuable when looking for un-posted transactions as they list all Transactions exhaustively. The last five items from Transactions through to History Payroll are for the viewing of historical items. 

Users should be aware that any items or transactions opened using the Palette will be locked to other users on the network. Those users will be allowed read only privileges and will be unable to modify the data entry item currently opened by using the Palette options. 

Shortcut Alternate Access / Article Link
Clients Accounts / Receivables / Clients
Vendors Accounts / Payables / Vendors
General Ledger Accounts / General Ledger / General Ledger
Inventory Inventory / Inventory / Inventory
Inventory Locations Inventory / Inventory / Inventory Locations
Matrix Inventory / Inventory / Matrix
Serial Batch Inventory / Inventory / Serial/Batch
Price Book Inventory / Inventory / Price Book | Job Projects / Inventory / Price Book
Job Project Job Projects / Job Projects / Job Project
Manifest Inventory / Manager / Manifest
Importer Inventory / Manager / Importer
Documents Workbook / General / Documents
Document Manager Workbook / General / Document Manager
Passwords Assets / Assets / Passwords
Tracking Notes Workbook / General / Tracking Notes
Contacts Workbook / General / Contacts
Actions Workbook / General / Actions
Calendar Workbook / General / Calendar
Employee Payroll/HR / Administration / Employee
Resources Job Projects / Resources / Resource
Asset Assets / Assets / Asset Inquiry
Account Transactions Accounts / Payables / Transactions
Inventory Transactions Inventory / Purchases / Transactions
Time Transactions Job Projects / Resources / Transactions
History Account Transactions Accounts / History / Transactions
History Audit Lines Accounts / History / Audit Lines
History Bank Reconciliation Accounts / History / Bank Reconciliation
History Inventory Transactions Inventory / History / Transactions
History Sales Lines Inventory / History / Sales Lines
History Payroll Payroll/HR / History / History Payroll

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