Leave Request

Workbook – General – Leave Request

Leave requests will normally be made by employees without access to Payroll so this function has been placed here on the General drop down menu in Workbook.
It should be noted that it is no longer available from the Palette!

For privacy reasons, there will be no other details of the employee’s payroll details displayed here. Even then once the employee enters their ID the only details available to them is as seen in these screenshots. 

This is a simple form with a minimum amount of data to be entered. 

  • When the employee enters, their Employee ID the Leave area will be populated with leave taken for the employee as seen in the screenshot above. 
  • Starting from the left the employee may use the pop up calendars to enter Dates From 19/06/15 and Date To 03/07/15 for their requested leave. 
  • For the Type of leave they are able select from a drop down menu. (H for Holiday) 
  • Then enter in a Reason for the leave. (Holiday). 
  • The Amount entered will depend on how their pay is setup so they will have to check with the Payroll Officer to find out how to enter in the Amount. This could be Hours, Days or Weeks. Employees are advised to check with their Payroll Officer before filling out the form. 
  • Finally select the button to write the requested leave into the Leave area and close the leave request form down. 

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