Web Pack

Web Pack Overview

The SapphireOne web pack solution allows for access by users to various parts of the live SapphireOne data file from any device with a browser on the internet. iPhones, iPads, Android Smartphone’s & Tablets, along with your standard laptop or desktop, can now be used to update the data file in real time. This gives users much needed flexibility and completely lifts restrictions on how and when data can be added into the live system or data file. 


The web pack comes with a growing number of standard functions with user access easily controlled by SapphireOne administrator. The current list of these functions is in the table below. 

Customisation of the web pack to suit your business needs is also available on request. 

Standard Inquiry Functions

  • Client Master Records
  • Vendor Master Records
  • Job Project Master Records
  • Actions.
  • Time Sheets (Unposted)
  • Tracking Notes.
  • Order List.
  • Stock list.
  • Sales People List
  • Services. 

Standard Data Entry Functions

  • Time Card Stamp
  • Roster Shifts
  • Timesheet (PR) 
  • Timesheet (RS)
  • Time Sheet & Machinery Log
  • Customer Order
  • History Order
  • Matrix Order 
  • Transfer
  • Stock Count
  • Delivery/Arrival
  • Checking Deliver
  • Packing Consignment
  • Client Sales
  • Client Receipt
  • Vendor Purchases
  • Vendor Invoice
  • Leave Request
  • Leave Request

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