Custom Report to PDF

SapphireOne Custom Report to PDF generator gives the SapphireOne user the ability to link to all linked tables and fields and can fully customise a report to their own corporate identity. This may include a particular font style, font size or a particular logo. Once these reports have been built and established and saved within the SapphireOne datafile the user then has the ability to generate these reports. Typically these will be generated via an email, for example, a Sales Client Invoice (SCI) or an Order Vendor Invoice (OVI). This specific tool falls under the Export title and is designed for inventory and generating a Sapphire Custom Report to PDF within the SapphireOne Inventory mode.

Menu-Sapphire Tools-Custom Report To PDF

Custom Report to PDF Overview

Where Used: Inventory > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry and also Job\Projects > Inventory > Inventory Inquiry 

Before using this tool a Custom Report must be created, so the very last item on the tools menu is Custom Report. When this tool is selected the SapphireOne user has the option of adding a new Custom Report or deleting a Custom Report. Once this report has been created the user may select Custom Report to PDF.

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