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User Created Menus Overview

User Created Menus in SapphireOne are customisable drop-down menus that allow users to add or delete items according to their specific requirements. These menus can be accessed through the Web Pack and are created and modified using the Client Server mode.

The procedure documented below all operate in exactly the same way for all drop down menus in SapphireOne.

When any of these menus are accessed via the web pack the user is allowed to make use of them as they are. They are not allowed to add to or delete items these user created drop down menus.
They are created and modified using Client Server mode only.

For example in the Grouping Area in an Inventory Inquiry above, there are currently 9 of these user createable menus. They have the Mac or the windows arrow to the right of them which indicates that the user may add to or delete items from the menus.

To add an item to your drop down list, enter the new item into the list. Then use the mouse to shift the focus away from the menu or select the return key. An alert will be displayed.

To remove an item from the list first hold the Command key/Control key down and then left mouse click on the arrow Mac, or the windows arrow to select the item as normal. SapphireOne will display the same alert except this time seeking confirmation for the items removal. 

You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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