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These two keys on both the MacOS and the Windows platforms perform a nearly identical function.

  • On the MacOS platform it is the one with the Apple shape and the propeller on it. This is commonly referred to as the Command key for a Mac.
  • On the Windows platform it is the key with Ctrl written on it. This is commonly referred to as the Control key for Windows.
  • They are both used in exactly the same way when using the KEYBOARD shortcut keys in SapphireOne. 

In each case by pressing and holding down the key on Mac or PC, then at the same time pressing the required short cut key you activate the shortcut associated with that key. 

All of the letters from A–Z and the numbers from 0–9 can be used in association with these keys.
Also a number of other keys on the keyboard can also be used. For example, the forward slash / is one that is used in SapphireOne to add a New, Line Item, Contact etc. 

MacOS You are to hold down the Command key and at the same time press the / key.
Windows: You are to hold down the Control key and at the same time press the / key. 

Throughout all articles on this site the Command/Control key short cuts will be simply written as follows.
Command followed by a single character in brackets and here are some examples using a Mac:
(Command A) (Command B ) (Command C ) (Command 1 ) (Command 2 ) (Command /) and so on. 

(Command / ) is commonly used to enter a new line into a record.
(Command H) will hide the toolbar & (Command K) will display the tools menu.

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