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SapphireOne’s Palettes functionality allows the user working with SapphireOne Server or Sapphire Single user, to simultaneously have more transaction screens, data entry screens and inquiry screens open at the same time facilitating enhanced multitasking and workflow.An unlimited number of screens can be opened from within the SapphireOne and Sapphire applications, with the user provided access to additional screens from any of the five palettes concurrently.

All functions that are listed within a palette may be directly opened by the user. SapphireOne does not require that a particular inquiry or function is first opened. 

  • Unless the user has permission set in Utilities > Controls > System Controls, by a SapphireOne admin user, they will not, by default be provided access to all functions in the Palettes.
  • Users should be aware that any items or transactions opened using the Palette will be locked to other users on the network. Those users will be allowed read only privileges and will be unable to modify the data entry item currently opened by using the Palette options. 

Palettes Summary

Favourites Favourites The Favourites Palette provides access to the users most commonly used features. Initially a new user will find this menu unpopulated, however over time SapphireOne will be able to assess which features to place here based on the users usage.
Inquiries Inquiries The Inquiries Palette is almost entirely made up of inquiry functions. Some of the exceptions include Account, Inventory and Time transaction inquiries, which all provide a convenient grouping of transactions for the selected group. The user will find these inquiries very useful when looking for un-posted transactions as they list all Transactions. The last five items from Transactions through to History Payroll are for the viewing of historical transactions.
Data Entry Data Entry The Data Entry Palette is almost entirely made up of data entry functions. For the users convenience these have been listed in four groups as follows: Accounting, Inventory, Job Projects and Workbook
Reports Reports The Reports Palette has two groups. The first group contains three commonly used reports that are also available from within the function that creates them. In a new data file, the second group normally only contains the single item New Dashboard. 
Contact Softphone The Softphone Palette will allow the user to answer any incoming calls and will pop open the relevant contact screen in relation to the incoming caller. This feature will additionally log the details of the call within the contact, allowing for quick and easy access to all incoming call information..



Data Entry


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