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The Job Details report within the SapphireOne Job Projects mode produces reports about a Job Project which are similar to those produced in Vendors and Clients under this heading. 

When the Details function is selected from the Job Projects menu, SapphireOne will present a print dialog screen for the user to select and customise the criteria and data they would like included within the Details Report.

When printing reports, the user should be aware that SapphireOne will assume that it is to print the selected report on all Projects that are currently active and in SapphireOne, the same as when a Project Inquiry is performed. This may be from just a few projects but could extend to hundreds or even thousands.

Print Destination Menu

The Print Destination Popup Menu allows the user to choose the destination for the Report, and select from the options which include Printer, Custom Report, Quick Report and Labels.

Printer Tells SapphireOne to send the report straight to the Printer. 
Custom Report This allows the user to create a custom designed report. Once it has been created the user will be able to use this option from the Print Destination menu. 
Quick Report Selecting this option will open the Sapphire Quick Report function. 
Labels Selecting this option will open the Sapphire Label Design Report Editor, allowing the user to design Labels as required. Labels can be designed and printed on a sheet or roll.
CSVSelecting this option will open the report in a CSV file using the local machins default spreadsheet application.

Report Type Menu

Selecting the Report Type Popup Menu option will enable the user to print different layout styles of the Details Report.

One Liner Simple one Liner report. 
Two Liner Simple two Liner report more details.
Four LinerFour Liner Report. This has full address of the Job Project as well as the ID and name of the Client. 
Full DetailsComplete details but limited as to what can be fitted on a page for two Job Projects. 
Actual Period By GL ClassThe system will ask for a period for the report and the print each Job Project and the class it has been assigned to.  The Client ID is also printed. 
Budget & Cost The system will ask for a date to make the report up to and then Budget and Billing figures will be printed. 
Budget & Cost with Task BreakAs above but broken down to the Task Level.
Budget & Cost Full DetailCombined report of all of the above. This report is very comprehensive so it will take up a number of pages for each Job Project. For this reason it should be run on a Job Project by Job Project basis.
Actual PeriodThe system will ask for a period to be entered. The report will a basic report for the selected period for Quantities, Costs, Billings, GP and Margins. 
Actual Period with Task BreakAs above but broken down to the task level as well.
Actual Period with Full DetailBy period but will full details.
Actual MTDThis report prints Actual for the Month To Date for the selected projects. 
Actual MTD with Task BreakAs above but broken down to the task level. 
Actual MTD full DetailActual for the Month To Date with full details. 
Actual WTDActual for the Week To Date.
Actual WTD with Task BreakAs above but broken down to the task level.
Actual WTD full Detail Actual for the Week To Date with full details.
Actual Period by GL Class:This report display actual Period sorted by GL Class. This report is very wide and probably best exported as a CSV file and viewed using a spreadsheet application. If printed it will print in landscape form across two pages.
Quote vs Actual Qty by Resource:
Direct PrintThis prints the report directly.

Report Sort Order Menu

The Report Sort Order Menu allows the user to select from various sorting methods and criteria to organise data in different sequences while still maintaining the same fundamental report format. The user can sort data by:

No SortThis will display the Details Report in the order they are displayed.
By ID This will order the order of the data by inventory ID.
By UDF 1This will order the Details Report by UDF 1.
By UDF 2This will order the Details Report by UDF 2.
By ClassThis will sort the order of the data by inventory Class.

Report Selection Menu

Open ProjectsThis will display all currently open Job Projects.
All Records This will display all Job Projects, including inactive of finished Job Projects.

Report Buttons

Print button:Select this button to Print the Report.
Cancel button:Select this button to Cancel the Report.
Record List Button:Selecting this button brings up a list of all inventory items within the users SapphireOne data file. The user can then use the ‘command/F’ and ‘ctrl/F’ search function to search for the inventory item to be printed.
Options Button:The Options Button allows for even further customisation of the Report.
Queue Button:Selecting this button will put the report in a Queue, allowing the user to select the time and day for the report to run and print.
Background Button:Selecting this button allows the user to run the report in the background of the SapphireOne server, allowing the user to continue with other tasks while the report is generating.

The user also has the option to create custom reports using SapphireOne Quick Reports or Custom Reports. 

 You can review our Blog and YouTube channel for additional information and resources on SapphireOne ERP, CRM and Business Accounting software.

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