Hire Return

The Hire Return function within SapphireOne Inventory Mode Point of Sale (POS) is to be utilised when receiving an item back that has been hired out. It should be noted that the original hire transaction must be posted before it will be displayed here in the Hire Return function.

The following steps are to be followed . 

  • Menu Selection – Select the Hire Return Item from the POS menu in Inventory mode.
  • Hire Item Selection – You have two options as follows.
    • Number – Enter in either the Sequence number or the Invoice number of the original hire transaction.
  • SapphireOne will then display it in the list as seen below.
  • Returned Column – Next tick the check box in the Returned column.
  • Bond Return – Check the details in Bond Return field.
  • Process – Next select the Process button. SapphireOne will close down the screen and create a posted HCC transaction as a return transaction for the item. 

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