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Favour Palette Overview

The SapphireOne Favour Palette Favourites is the star in the blue circle and is the first icon in the palette list. This will provide your favourite Data Entry screens or favourite Transaction Inquiry screens and will put that in order of the most commonly opened of your favourites. This is entirely driven by the user login and password to the favourites will be built up based on that particular user. Each user will have an entirely different set of menus or different set of inquiries data entry screen’s based on their use. Once opened, it is unique to each user so that user will have their own unique favourites listing, which will be unique to the user login and password.

The SapphireOne Favour Access Palette provides access to the users most commonly used features. Initially a new user will find this menu unpopulated. Over time, SapphireOne will learn which Date Entry or Inquiry screens will be created based on user frequency.


Users should be aware that any items or transactions opened using the Palette will be locked to other users on the network. Those users will be allowed read only privileges and will be unable to modify the data entry item currently opened by using the Palette options. 

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