What does SapphireOne CRM software do?

SapphireOne CRM software allows you to manage relationships with customers before, during and after the sale. Easy access to customer information and history details helps the sales and customer support teams create better experiences. Build stronger relationships, encourage conversations and increase sales based on multiple interaction channels ie Softphone, Document Management System, Community interactions etc.
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With the help of CRM Software you can manage all the business interaction with your clients

Benefits of SapphireOne CRM software for your business

SapphireOne Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software application includes a fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tool where you can manage all business interactions with your prospective, existing, former clients and vendors, to enhance all your relationships.

Quick Access


SapphireOne CRM takes you to all your clients information stored in the SapphireOne ERP software application quickly and efficiently.

Customer Relationship

Stronger Relationship with your clients

SapphireOne CRM Software helps you to build strong relationships with your clients and potential clients.


Increase competence & productivity

The bridge between time-consuming tasks and better team work will accelerate productivity.

Sales graph

Improve sales

The SapphireOne CRM application is not just for contact management but is for sales, promotion and marketing strategies.

Customer support

Better Support

SapphireOne CRM functionality is set up in a way where you can access all previous and present client information to improve support activities.

Time Management

Improve time management

SapphireOne CRM solution allows you to access real time client information while also tracking client sales.


Improve Communication

SapphireOne has fully integrated softphone functionality that allows all outgoing and incoming calls to be logged.

Improve competency

Automation of everyday tasks

SapphireOne will help you to automate your day to day business activities by taking advantage of the CRM actions which automatically appear in the SapphireOne Calendar.

Customer Service

Improve Customer Relations

SapphireOne CRM will increase customer satisfaction via organising in a systematic way dealings with your customers.

Contact Management and CRM Software

SapphireOne CRM Software

Contact management provides basic functionality in the management and tracking of customer, vendor and individuals’ information and communication. A CRM system on the other hand, allows businesses to improve sales and service by leveraging a wider range of data.

SapphireOne ERP, CRM application utilises this wider range of data to provide additional sales and marketing functionalities.  Relationships are managed by allowing users to schedule upcoming actions and meetings, move prospects through the sales funnel, create email and direct marketing lists, categorize potential and existing customers.  SapphireOne CRM software is not just about storing basic information but managing important components in the sales and cycle process and maintaining relationships.

With SapphireOne ERP, CRM software you to connect staff from different departments via any mobile device with a browser. Information such as emails, phone numbers, addresses can be captured on-the-go in the SapphireOne CRM application. Relationships with contacts and colleagues are improved with the simplification and streamlining of data collection and tasks.

There are many CRM software companies in the market but SapphireOne is different from the competition. Our CRM will accelerate productivity by bridging the gaps between sales, marketing and your customers within our ERP application.

What does CRM mean

CRM is the acronym for customer relationship management. A CRM system, simply put, helps you manage customer data.  The philosophy is to ensure the customer always remains first and involves managing interactions and relationships with current and potential customers. A CRM system will bring together information from all the different departments to give a holistic view of your customers. It analyses data about customers’ history to help improve relationships, allowing you to focus on customer retention and driving sales growth. A CRM system is a game changer, it helps your sales, marketing and service teams reach their full potential. It boosts sales and productivity through automation and improves customer retention and engagement. – Read Tips to Retain Customers


SapphireOne centralised database system stores all your prospect information in one place and eliminates the need for multiple databases

ERP CRM shared feature

By incorporating the CRM, the standard functions of ERP software will be enhanced, allowing your organisation to improve aspects of your business such as supply chain management, financial management, projects planning, payroll and human resources etc. These components ensure the functionality of your organisation continues to improve and will have a positive impact on your business.

SapphireOne is an all-in-one ERP, CRM, DMS and Accounting Software solution which incorporates seamlessly across any organisation, provides greater agility, flexibility and scalability. We have the power to back you.

Industries that we serve

SapphireOne CRM software makes it simple and intuitive to keep your customer information organized and retrievable

Consumer Products

Consumer products

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Agriculture Industry

Agriculture Industry

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Apparel Textile


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Automotive Industry

Automotive Industry

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Biotechnology industry

Biotechnology Industry

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Chemicals industry

Chemical Industry

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Electronics Industry

Electronics Industry

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Food and Beverage industry


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Furniture and Home Decor industry

Furniture/Home Decor

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Industrial Machinery industry

Industrial Machinery

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Medical Products industry

Medical Industry

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Metal Industry

Metal Industry

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Mining Industry

Mining Industry

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Paper and Packaging industry

Paper and Packaging Industry

Petroleum Oil and Gas industry

Oil and Gas

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Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical Industry

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Plastic and Rubber Industry

Plastic and Rubber Industry

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Transportation Equipment Industry

Transportation Industry

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Restaurant Equipment industry

Restaurant Industry

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Ship and Building Industry

Building Industry

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Timber Industry

Timber Industry

Plumbing and HVAC Industry

Plumbing and HVAC Industry

Wire and Cable Industry

Wire and Cable Industry

Building Material Industry

Shipping Industry

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5 star rating for sapphireone erp accounting software


Bordo international using sapphireone erp system

SapphireOne, a multi-platform financial and ERP software suite built with 4D is used by Bordo who are a premium supplier of manufacturing and industrial tools. SapphireOne is integrated with many features including VoIP, document management system, BAS and data access via iPad which differentiates SapphireOne from its competition.

4D References – Bordo International

ERP Software

Enterprise Resource Planning

Launched in 1986, SapphireOne is an Australian owned Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software solution distributing globally. SapphireOne ERP Solution is rich in both functionality and features. It is a complete business management software suite combining financial accounting, inventory, supply chain, job project management, asset management, payroll/HR, CRM, document management, Softphone, multi-company capabilities and for all manufacturing industries.