How CRM software helps the Oil and Gas Industry

Customer Relationship Management

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Helps key decision makers dealing with large operators by linking and managing multiple key contacts who influence the sales channel. An overall picture of key staff movement is built, so your company and sales staff can see where they influence the environment.

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Provides a centralised database where you can make detailed notes, document attachments, communications, open quotes, pending orders, service contracts, services issues etc so they can be available to workers across an organisation as a whole.

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Enable sales staff to accelerate sales cycles and decisions based on secure information regarding pricing, contracts and client details to reduce downtime. They can track competitors, create models showing permits and production status by using industry databases.

Reasons to choose SapphireOne CRM

Sapphireone is an all-inclusive ERP, CRM, DMS and Business Accounting software. Being all-inclusive, access is provided to every module via a single toolbar which includes Accounts, Inventory, Job Projects, Asset Management, Payroll/HR, Management, Utilities and Workbook.

By incorporating SapphireOne CRM, not only is relationship management, specifically project management, sales and marketing offered, but the standard functions of ERP software will be enhanced. This allows your organisation to improve all areas of your business such as supply chain management, financial management, projects planning, payroll and human resources.