How CRM software helps the Pharmaceutical Industry

Customer Relationship Management


Pharmaceutical companies focus on enriching the lifetime of customers, so a good customer relationship management plays a main role in the company success. The industry has many types of customers. These include patients and caregivers, physicians, nurses and other health professionals, pharmacists, healthcare institutions and payer organisations. Poorly informed sales teams or a misplaced contact file can be highly damaging.

SapphireOne CRM can increase efficiency through tracking of client and vendor contact, mobile on-the-go Web Pack capabilities, and inter-departmental support within the one database. Client contacts can be recorded anywhere to avoid wasting your sales team’s time and violating regulations. SapphireOne CRM will help centralise contacts and leads, organise and automate tasks for maximum productivity, coordinate inventory for samples, and monitor spending.

There are long development cycles in a pharmaceutical drug. If the latest drug release fails to meet consumers’ expectations, financial losses are made, and consumers switch to competitor’s brand which is challenging to reverse. SapphireOne CRM addresses these challenges by effectively and efficiently communicating and building relationships with prescribers through targeted marketing campaigns.

What does SapphireOne CRM application do?

SapphireOne CRM software allows you to manage relationships with customers before, during and after the sale. Easy access to customer information and history details helps the sales and customer support teams create better experiences. Build stronger relationships, encourage conversations and increase sales based on multiple interaction channels ie Softphone, Document Management System, Community interactions etc.