How CRM software helps the Restaurant Industry

Customer Relationship Management

CRM solution for the restaurant industry by providing more personalised experience.

CRM for restaurants opens up new marketing and communication channels that improve retention and the all-important repeat business. Once integrated with your other existing communication channels, the CRM is a powerful tool. Bring together data from your restaurant website, social media, emails and other web-based content for valuable feedback. Using a CRM system collects all your data into the one database to gain better insights.

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Personalised reports

Your CRM can provide a personalised experience via rich profiles which is the top priority for any restaurant. Contact details, average spending, visit frequency and meal preferences are all in reports, so your staff are able to better cater to your diners. On the other side of the scale, your CRM can also help you track and handle diner complaints

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Better marketing campaigns

By integrating marketing and operations data with your CRM system, you can maximise profits by undertaking highly targeted marketing campaigns. Information such as visit frequency and average spending, helps you create offers and promotions tailored to your diners. If a diner hasn’t visited for a while you can create promotional emails. If you would like to target regulars and heavy spenders, you can send through personalised discounts and incentives. Grow your list by automatically adding online bookings and promotions to your database

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Focus on loyalty

Loyalty programmes have gained popularity as restaurant owners, operators, and managers have recognised the importance of diner retention and acquisition. Your CRM system can directly integrate with your restaurant point of sale (POS) system, so your restaurant loyalty program becomes easier to promote, manage, and grow

Why Choose SapphireOne CRM

The SapphireOne CRM system allows you to manage relationships with customers throughout the sales process. Gain easy access to customer information and history. The information is there to help the sales and customer support teams create better experiences. By using multiple interaction channels ie social media, website, Softphone, Document Management System etc you build stronger relationships and encourage conversations.