How CRM software helps the chemical industry

Customer Relationship Management


CRM software manages processes such as customer data collection and relationships, manufacturing and sharing of real-time data across all departments. It needs to integrate with inventory management, customer communication, sales and marketing within the industry. SapphireOne CRM identifies the best practices then streamlines and integrates them. A centralised data base helps management make informed decisions by capturing and tracking quality information across all departments including production, supply and chain management.

SapphireOne CRM software for the chemical industry helps in recipe management, scheduling, capacity planning and batch management. It contains in-built recall and risk management procedures due to the sensitive nature of the industry, providing a high level of quality management in manufacturing. There is also a high level of control in the workflows assisting management to make informed decisions in sales, commercial and strategic business operations.

SapphireOne ERP is highly scalable, a live work-in-progress application so when problems in processes are identified, changes can be implemented rapidly and also monitored continuously. It is customisable and helps with time management by automating sales and processes. Automated clinic processes ensure the business is running on time and within budget, while factoring in regulatory and supply constraints.

Benefits of SapphireOne CRM Software Solution


SapphireOne (CRM) has inbuilt softphone technology allowing the SapphireOne user to simply click on the phone icon contained within a contact. The SapphireOne application will instantly initiate a phone call to the contact’s number, and also has the ability to record the call at the same time. The phone icon will turn red while the call is active and turn green when the call has finished. A date and time stamp of each call is made within the client card.


The ultimate goal of CRM is to generate leads for the business and to keep the customer happy with continuous engagement and service.The customer’s experience is about more than just the sales, it’s also about having questions answered, having problems solved, and feeling a connection to your business. Organisations need to think in terms of customer engagement as well as marketing and customer service.


SapphireOne ERP, CRM accounting software has a fully functional document management system (DMS) which facilitates secure document storage. Every transaction, client, vendor, employee, asset, inventory item has the ability to attach unlimited documents of any file type within that record in the SapphireOne data file. This allows instant access to these documents from the SapphireOne Client application or the Sapphire Web Pack.