How CRM software helps the Transportation Industry

Customer Relationship Management

Logistics today is global and comes with complex partnerships, different time zones and deadlines. Managing and leveraging your sales relationships is fundamental to the success of your company if you want to remain competitive in pricing and delivery options.

One source for all data

Your CRM system will gather all your data and compile into the one database for better insights. Information is constantly updated for decision-making. Communication flows between staff members, departments and different office locations.

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Track all your business activities

Your CRM helps you understand your customers’ needs and unifies all your business processes. It will provide transparency of business operations such as requests and transportation management, online vehicles tracking and routes creation. This helps you maintain competitive pricing and delivery options against your competitors.

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Improve productivity

Automation of tasks and consistency in workflows helps your frontline staff spend less time on administrative tasks such as filling in forms, making quotes and proposals and running reports.

Why Choose SapphireOne CRM

SapphireOne CRM Software Solution ensures you build stronger relationships, encourage conversations and increase sales based on multiple channels. It enables you to reach a deeper level of client engagement. All interactions such as emails, phone calls, appointments within the vendor, client and employee files are managed in the one place.

Sales, financials and support can be viewed in real-time to help speed up business processes, improved staff efficiency, remove duplications and errors of manual data, and ultimately save businesses time and money.