How CRM software helps the Metal Industry

Customer Relationship Management


Manage Sales Demand

After sales is as important to the industry as closing a sale and delivery. SapphireOne CRM manages your data and creates a single view of customers, contracts and orders. It builds stronger relationships with multiple interaction channels to move prospects through the sales funnel.  It will track warranties, repairs and inquiries and produces accurate quotes and estimates more efficiently. Sales demand can be forecasted enabling companies to get their products to market faster than their competitors.

Improve Product Quality

SapphireOne CRM will help gather and analyse data from multiple sources and figure out process errors in real-time that contribute to product defects. It stores product data in a centralised database which can be shared between departments such as service and tech support.

Help Expand Business

SapphireOne CRM software is a valuable marketing tool to provide marketing and sales teams detailed reports on buyer behaviour.  Timely and valuable insights will help increase customer satisfaction and sales. Product quality and operation processes will improve over time with the management of data and automation of tasks. Having access to real-time data, operations can be streamlined to lower costs and increase profits.

How SapphireOne CRM will benefit your Organisation

SapphireOne Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software is integrated into our ERP application giving a well-defined overview of your customer. Our CRM facilitates collecting, organising and managing all business interactions with your prospective, existing, former clients and vendors, to enhance all your relationships. This ensures businesses can engage with customers, provide insights, improve efficiencies and ultimately increase sales.

SapphireOne Inventory Management System with Forex Control

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