How CRM software helps the mining industry

Customer Relationship Management


The more automated and efficient your business is the more you can meet customer demand, site challenges and market changes. Operations are composed of many different components including materials, contractors, suppliers, field workers, engineers, equipment etc. SapphireOne CRM software will centralise your operations and allows you to monitor, track, analyse and report on every aspect.

SapphireOne CRM will improve services by linking operations such as equipment, service work, order management, resource planning and financials. Job costing to major projects can be allocated allowing managers to track labour, materials, subcontractors, billing, purchase orders and other related items. Project management functionality centralises the operations, creates documents and manages projects from the one location. Project Managers can then customise workflow and reports to reflect a 360’ real-time view on projects.


SapphireOne CRM software helps with the ongoing challenge of managing risks in the mining industry. Threats of worker injuries, production delays, environmental hazards and exposures are monitored and reported. All these risk factors are managed within the one data file helping to decrease liabilities, costs and further delays.

SapphireOne CRM automates applications and permit activities to ensure Australian and International Safety, Health, Workplace and Environmental standards are met. With effective monitoring, worksite injuries and liability are avoided.

Benefits of SapphireOne CRM for the Mining Industry


SapphireOne CRM is highly scalable and customisable. This allows mining corporations to gain actionable customer insights with a back-end analytical engine. Businesses can view opportunities with predictive analytics, streamline operations, and personalise customer service based on customer’s prior interactions


SapphireOne ERP, CRM accounting software has a fully functional document management system (DMS) which facilitates secure document storage. Every transaction, client, vendor, employee, asset, inventory item has the ability to attach unlimited documents of any file type within that record in the SapphireOne data file. This allows instant access to these documents from anywhere for mining remote locations via SapphireOne Client application or the Sapphire Web Pack.


SapphireOne (CRM) has inbuilt SoftPhone technology allowing users to simply click on the phone icon contained within a contact. In SapphireOne users can instantly initiate a phone call to the contact’s number, and also have the ability to record the call at the same time. The phone icon will turn red while the call is active and turn green when the call has finished. A date and time stamp of each call is made within the client card.