How CRM is fast becoming a competitive differentiator for the building industry


CRM software entails a broad set of applications designed to help businesses manage many of their processes. SapphireOne CRM is highly scalable and customisable for the building industry and provides:

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Access to data 24/7, anytime and anywhere with the Sapphire Web Pack. Stay in touch and access sales, customer service and management tools to enhances productivity.

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Stay competitive by managing contracts, bids and leads to provide fast and accurate job costing. Keep up to date customer details and track all job projects.

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Reduce time and errors by automating your workflow to manage administrative tasks and critical processes such as estimating, budgeting, planning, project management, takeoffs, marketing to leads and scheduling contacts.

Features of SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS and Accounting Software

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SapphireOne CRM has inbuilt softphone technology allowing the user to simply click on the phone icon contained within a contact. The SapphireOne application will instantly initiate a phone call to the contact’s number and has the ability to record the call at the same time. A date and time stamp of each call is made within the client card.

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The ultimate goal of CRM is to generate leads for your business and to keep the customer happy with continuous engagement and service. The customer’s experience is more than just the sales, it’s about feeling a connection to your business. SapphireOne will automate marketing and sales tasks to engage your customers and enhance your customer service.

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SapphireOne has a Document Management System (DMS) which facilitates secure document storage. Every transaction, vendor, employee, asset, inventory item has the ability to attach unlimited documents of any file type within that record. Instant access is achieved from the SapphireOne Client application or the Sapphire Web Pack.