Wide-ranging Accounting Reporting

Features for plastic and rubber industries


Flexible CRM

SapphireOne business accounting software gives you maximum flexibility from the creation of your Chart of Accounts and Cost Centers to Real Time Reporting and easy to use Graphical presentation of data.


Significant Access

SapphireOne ERP Accounting under plastic/rubber industries module is all about your accounting data and provides significant access throughout its wide-ranging reports.


Purchase Control

SapphireOne Customer Relationship Management system gives you complete control of your purchasing and supply chain management

Efficient supply chain management

Productive sales and helps in accurate sales forecasting


CRM helps in lead management and gives 360-degree view of your customers and collaboration of sales team with marketing is done through it. It promotes productive sales and helps in accurate sales forecasting. It generates reports based on your customer/ distributor/supplier.

Inventory Management

Sales Invoice

Business Reporting

Sales and Purchases

Project Management

Business Activity

Costs and Inventory management

Save your time on a daily routine


It helps in efficient territory and customer relationship management and helps automated product tracking. It reduces customer acquisition costs and inventory management costs. It enables you to save time on a daily routine, especially when searching for quotations/documents, vendor’s addresses etc.

Document Management

Tracking Notes

Vendor Invoice


Accounting Practice

General Ledger

SapphireOne CRM Tool

SapphireOne ERP CRM Business Accounting software integrates all of your business systems into one easy to use solution. Efficient supply chain management in accounting software reduced costs, better efficiency and happier customers in plastic and rubber industries.