Wide-ranging Accounting Reporting

Features for plastic and rubber industries


Flexible CRM

SapphireOne business accounting software with fully integrated Customer Relationship Management (CRM) is a versatile and flexible tool ideally suited to any industry including plastic and rubber manufacturers.


Real Time Access

SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS provides significant real time access to your sales team. It helps to provide reliable customer analysis, increased customer satisfaction, and improved revenues. Instant access in real time. SapphireOne’s capacity to process massive amounts of information on the fly means you can have any number of people access your database simultaneously and continue to receive peak performance.


Purchase Control

SapphireOne ERP CRM application gives you complete control of your purchasing and supply chain management, it will help you manage and support vendor / partner relationships. SapphireOne ERP is a platform that meets all the requirements an organisation requires to run the day to day business practices.

Efficient supply chain management for plastic and rubber industry

Productive sales with accurate sales forecasting

SapphireOne CRM provides a solution to house all interactions, supply chain management for the plastic and rubber industry

SapphireOne CRM provides a 360-degree view of your customers, giving insight to customer behaviour, and promotes productive sales and helps in accurate sales forecasting. With inbuilt material resource planning(MRP) SapphireOne will dramatically improve your production planning and inventory control. The MRP generates time-based manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability which is tied to historical data of customer demands.

Inventory Management

Sales Invoice

Business Reporting

Sales and Purchases

Project Management

Business Activity

Costs and Inventory management

Save time on a daily routine


SapphireOne ERP CRM enables you to save time on your daily routine, especially when searching for quotations/documents, clients & vendors phone numbers & email addresses etc. SapphireOne ERP CRM automatically will handle bank reconciliations using files downloaded from your online banking, this will eliminate the need for manually ticking off hundreds of transactions on the bank statement each month.

Document Management

Tracking Notes

Vendor Invoice



General Ledger

SapphireOne CRM Tool

SapphireOne ERP CRM Business Accounting software integrates all of your business systems into one easy to use solution. Efficient supply chain management in accounting software reduced costs, better efficiency and happier customers in plastic and rubber industries.