SapphireOne a Unique Business Accounting Software

Unless managers and higher executives want to become an accountant, the use of business accounting software is the most efficient option for them to manage the company’s finances. One of the main reasons that business can run into financial problems is their failure to correctly manage their financial reserves. This can particularly become a problem with the management of their cash reserves. SapphireOne provides standard reports that provide immediate access to both bank balances and cash on hand at any time with a number of functions in management mode. These are – Statement of Position I & II, Month’s Activities, Cash Movements, Accounts Movements, Months Activities for Payroll and a Bank Audit Report.

Excellence in Reporting

SapphireOne keeps detailed records of both sales and purchases to and from both customers and vendors. The use of these sales or customer records, may be used in the setting up a Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system.The SapphireOne reporting system will produce reports from almost every cell in every table within the data file. It has the ability to drill as far down into the financial records as is necessary to produce these reports.

Once these reports have been set up and saved, managers and executives only have to reload the saved report to view any accounting information that they may require at the current point in time.Some of these reports are already built into the system and other reports may be set up and saved as required. These built in reports are in a number of modes within the SapphireOne system. In addition, there are several additional reports available when the Web Pack is used.

Accounts Management

Streamline and manage your day to day Accounting operations with SapphireOne’s Accounts module.

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Assets Management

Streamline and manage your day to day operations to get a clear assessment of all aspects of your asset registry.

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Inventory Management

SapphireOne excels in providing all features required to perform inventory Management. This includes stock management and from an initial requisition to a final sale.

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Job/Project Management

Maximise profit with SapphireOne’s Job/Project mode. Allocate resources, optimize production and weed out hidden costs and risks.

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HR / Payroll

SapphireOne’s Payroll solution makes HR / payroll a breeze. Seamlessly setup pay periods, track history and administrate employee history through the easy to use interface.

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Web Pack

Web pack solution of SapphireOne provides easy access for users to various parts of the live data file when away from the office. This may be from any device with a browser.

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Features that drive customers to use SapphireOne Business Accounting Software

We listen, We care, and we act.

Multiple companies, currencies and foreign exchange (FX)

SapphireOne has the ability to run multiple companies across multiple foreign exchange (FX) types within the one data file. Normally, FX profits and losses are very difficult to manage but SapphireOne’s Multi Currency Accounting software capabilities merges all FX profits and losses into a single local currency general ledger account.

Inventory management

SapphireOne provides complete inventory management from requisitions all the way through to your final sales. Tracking of all inventory stock is done both at a master stock level and also at a locations level. User also has the ability to monitor Work in progress, orders, and inventory items that are to be used in jobs/projects. There are also a number of tools provided to help with the management of their inventory so that the user knows exactly what the current position of their stock levels are.

Payroll functionalities

SapphireOne provides all of the standard payroll functionalities for Pay as you go (PAYG), annual leave, long service leaves etc. No matter what type of accounting system is used the initial set up involving payroll is a complex matter. However, once SapphireOne payroll has been set up the processing of pay runs becomes very easy, quick and efficient.

Online payments

SapphireOne has already setup a number of file format interfaces with banks and financial institutions, for the purpose of transferring monies to them. The normal EFT and BPAY functions are supported along with a number of other financial transaction procedures with the banks. Additional file formats and transactions types will be added at a later date if necessary, or if bank/financial entities add new ones.

Financial Reporting

SapphireOne General ledger accounts are usually set on a company by company basis at the department level. If multiple departments are used, reporting can be done at the department level. While there is not a problem in using department based reporting SapphireOne also has the ability to create entirely separate companies within the one data file. So not only can separate companies be set up, each company can have individual reporting on a department level.

Multiple bank accounts

Not only does SapphireOne handle multiple bank accounts these bank accounts may be held in multiple companies and multiple foreign exchange (FX) types.
Within a single company, bank accounts may also be set up at the department level. In addition, there are number of reports and tools available for the users to use in the management of their bank accounts.

SapphireOne Accounting Software Structure

Organisation Structure of Sapphire Single user and SapphireOne Client Server, ERP Accounting Software

The organisation of financial information within Sapphire and SapphireOne is based on traditional double-entry bookkeeping. The heart of a double-entry bookkeeping system is the General Ledger, which is composed of a series of accounts called the Chart of Accounts.

Inventory Mode: Inventory is the heart of the Sapphire and SapphireOne system.

Sapphire and SapphireOne provides a comprehensive suite of inventory management functions. Almost all transactions from both Sales and Purchases within Sapphire and SapphireOne are based on an inventory item of some type.
On the sales side, we have a Quotes – QCI, Orders –  OCI, Invoices – SCI, Client Credits –  SCC
And on the purchasing side, we have Requisitions – RVI, Orders – OVI, Invoices – PVI, Vendor Credits – PVC
When projects are used, additional transactions will be created from projects mode; there are – Project Journals- JGJ and Work Journals – WGJ

Accounts Mode:

Once the transactions have been raised in Inventory Mode the appropriate transactions may be linked transactions may be entered in accounts mode.


Sapphire and SapphireOne provides all standard accounting functions for the entry of transactions relating to your clients. These include:

Money receipts –MR, Client invoices – CI, client credits –CC, client receipts –CR, client journals – CJ


Sapphire and SapphireOne provides all standard accounting procedures for the entry of transactions for your suppliers. These include:
Money payments –MP, vendor invoices – VI, vendor credits – VC, vendor payments – VP, vendor journals- VJ.
Posting a transaction will write the balances to your general ledger account and they may no longer be modified as is normal business practice once the transactions is posted.

Job Projects:

Job Projects are used when consolidation and the tracking of income and expedition is required.
Transactions that are created by Job projects from sales are Project Invoices – JCI and Project Credit Memos – JCC.
They are also created from the purchase side and these range from vendor invoices – VI and vendor credits – VC.
Resources may also be used  in a Job project. These can be resource based. These transactions are given a type code RS. A job projects based transactions which is given a type code PR.

Payroll :

Sapphire and SapphireOne Payroll / HR is designed to complement Sapphire and SapphireOne Financials. Sapphire and SapphireOne Payroll operates with all the same standards and methods as Sapphire and SapphireOne Financials, including all reporting layouts.
Resource and project time sheets may also be directly imported into Sapphire and SapphireOne’s payroll / HR system.
Payroll / HR transfers data to financials using a general ledger journal – GJ, or Vendor Invoice- VI.

Assets :

Sapphire and SapphireOne provide control of depreciation as well as the management of the purchase and sales of your company’s assets. Asset depreciation is calculated on a company basis and an Australian Taxation Office – ATO standard rate which is the rate that is transferred to your general ledger. The system uses a general ledger journal- GJ, and vendor invoice – VI, when transferring the data to the general ledger.
SapphireOne Business Accounting Software
Business Accounting Software structure in details

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Let SapphireOne take care of your Accounting System.

SapphireOne has a proven track record developing Business Accounting Software. Features and flexibility are our main focus.

Financial Management

When establishing your new Financial Management System the staff at SapphireOne will assist you with the many decisions needed to be made in order to gain the maximum benefit from your system while maintaining a practical means of operation. The types of decisions that will need to be made will vary from industry to industry. It is the philosophy of SapphireOne to work as your Business Partner, not to detract from what is important to you, running your business. SapphireOne does not believe you or your staff should be wasting productive time deciding whether you should be debiting an account or crediting it. Let SapphireOne take care of that for you.


When setting up your new data file SapphireOne will need extensive assistance from you and your staff regarding the actual set up that will be applicable to your company’s needs. A correctly set up data file will improve the time management skills of your staff you are now able to get to the job at hand, invoicing your clients, entering invoices from your suppliers and processing your stock requirements etc. SapphireOne actively encourages your suggestions and feedback in regards to possible changes and enhancements to SapphireOne and therefore your business performance. SapphireOne clients enjoy personal service when dealing with SapphireOne.

Mission Critical

SapphireOne is what is termed as a Mission Critical Financial Management Application with the ability to reach as far as you require or be as simple as you require. We do however recommend you review the Consulting Services we have available, as these can streamline getting started or simply provide the procedures to commence on your next development or expansion in your business. Sapphire, or SapphireOne has the ability to manage a single user or 100s of users. These users may even be web based users remote to company’s headquarters. We at SapphireOne welcome you and your staff and look forward to working with you and your business.

SapphireOne provides all your accounting needs

SapphireOne Makes your life easier by saving you time and effectively money


The SapphireOne solution is a unique Business Accounting Software combining financials, asset management, payroll, human resources, inventory, supply chain management, projects, support for multiple foreign currencies and companies, and it also includes full GST and Business Activities Statement (BAS and E BAS) reporting.

Easy Data Entry

Ability to convert a quote to an order or to sales without additional data entry with a simple selection of a checkbox. Data entry always follows the same pattern or procedure for all types of transactions. This allows the new user to quickly learn the SapphireOne system.

Effective data retrieval

SapphireOne has the ability to drill down into any level of data and obtain virtually any information that is required. When data has been moved to history there is no limit to how much or how long ago the data was stored as it may still be retrieved by using the “Retrieve to Current” tools function.

Foreign Exchange

SapphireOne Multi Currency Accounting software system allows FX (foreign exchange) management profit and loss is held in a single general ledger account in local currency. For each FX type created in the system, it will create a matching FX general ledger account. Extensive management of FX transactions when importing or exporting inventory items by using the manager function in inventory.

Banking Support

Automated and semi-automated linking of banking details to and from the bank. Full support to and from bank for EFT transactions. Standard bank reconciliation function, including the ability to import a file supplied by the bank to assist with reconciling your accounts. The system also keeps a running record of any overdraft facilities balance provided by the bank.


Accounts receivable

SapphireOne Accounts receivable module brings all receivable functions together into a single specific menu which makes the generation and processing of your receivable transactions to be easily accessed and processed.This option also provides access to your vendor master record.

Accounts Payable

SapphireOne Accounts payable module brings all payable functions together into a single specific menu which makes the generation and processing of your payable transactions to be easily created and processed.This option also provides access to your client master record.

General Ledger

The SapphireOne general ledger gives you a clear and current picture of your true financial standing. While the SapphireOne general ledger structure is fully compliant with the Australian Accounting system, it may be set up to comply with other accounting systems around the globe.

Fixed Asset Management

SapphireOne provides all of the standard tools required for the management of your fixed assets. In addition to the normal tools of depreciation tax, purchase, sales and revaluation, there is repair, loan and a notes function available to assist you with managing your assets.

More Features of SapphireOne Software suite

SapphireOne excels in the development and deployment of a platform independent Business Accounting Software for both Apple OS X and Microsoft Windows based platforms.

Greater control of your finances

SapphireOne pride itself on delivering excellent reporting functionality which lead to better decision making. These reports can be all exported in pdf format, and sent to a printer or exported to a file (CSV), that can be imported into any spreadsheet program (E.g. Excel etc.).

Historical Records

Once financial transactions have been processed they will be moved to history. All historical records may then be viewed from Utilities mode of operation by going to the history drop down menu.

Project-based Accounting

SapphireOne has the ability to set up both Parent job projects and child job project. This enables a project manager to set up and track the financial progress of both parent and child projects.

Data Backup and Storage

The SapphireOne system does provide for automatic backups from within the system itself. Manual backups may be made anytime. SapphireOne does also offer offsite storage for customer data.

Automatic VAT / GST preparation

SapphireOne streamlines and accelerates the preparation of your VAT/GST returns. In Addition, when a new VAT/GST return is created the system check for any unposted transactions within the VAT/GST period as entered by the user.


Expense claims

Expense claims from employees are entered into SapphireOne’s payroll system eliminating the need for repetitive data entry for employee’s expense claim.

Delivery/Arrival notes

Delivery/Arrival notes are entered as part of each client or vendor master records. This eliminates the need to constantly enter this data on transactions.

Customisable Invoices

Customisable invoices can be created by the client from within the system itself. This helps to better promote your company brand as well as the reputation.

Custom Fields

Custom fields are available for most functions where the user is able to modify the headings. All of the data entry field are searchable and reportable.

Time & Service Billing

Time & service billing is part of SapphireOne payroll system. Timesheets and service billing can be imported directly into the payroll system. This saves time and makes the procedure much more efficient as the process is semi-automated with input from the user as needed.

Recurring Billing

Recurring billing in SapphireOne is named standing transactions. Provision is made from most areas of SapphireOne for the setting up of these types of transactions. This is a simple process with the selection of date and procedure from a drop down menu.

Estimates & Quotes

Estimates & quotes are a normal part of SapphireOne’s inventory management and these are either a requisition or an order. SapphireOne has streamlined the procedures for these so that the procedure for importing them into the system is quick and efficient.

Aged Receivables & Payables

SapphireOne provides standard aged balances for both Clients and Vendors. These include Current, 30 days, 60 days and 90+days ageing. SapphireOne has provision for numerous other balance reports including unposted values, credit control and many others.

Trial Balance

SapphireOne has a suite of standard financial reports. For all reports SapphireOne provides the ability to display or print up to 12 columns of data using the options function, which also provides for a number of preset options, that may be used to produce these reports.

Income Statement

The generation of income statements is provided from the general ledger menu. SapphireOne has provided for the option of up to 12 columns in your report and a number of presets are provided enabling simple and quick creation of your income statements.

Balance sheet

Sapphire provides the standard sheet of balance sheet reporting. This includes a statement of the assets, liabilities, and capital of a business or other organization. A number of presets allows for comprehensive reporting of your balance sheet with a minimum amount of data entry.

Cash Flow Statement

SapphireOne provides standard cash flow statement that is simple to set up and use. This displays how cash is being received and paid out and also who is paid to and from.

Structure of SapphireOne Accounting Software

Improving the functionality of Accounting System


SapphireOne is committed to improving the functionality of their clients Accounting System. SapphireOne prides itself on delivering world class Business Accounting Software.
One of the most powerful tools a business can have to help assess their bottom line is a comprehensive ERP business solution.
The SapphireOne ERP business software solution allows your business to have real time access to important financial data over multiple platforms.
Installation of SapphireOne is straight forward, however as with any ERP business software, the real work starts with implementing your data. Key elements of this implementation process are the chart of accounts, accounts payable and accounts receivable. These key areas of your business form the corner stone of any great business accounting software application.
A solid Accounts foundation allows you to integrate important operational processes such as Inventory Distribution, Warehouse Management, Manufacturing, Job Project costing and Payroll/HR. All in all, the flexibility of the SapphireOne Business Accounting Software solution allows your business to mold it to suit its needs.
Watch the Video Tutorial to learn how the Accounts Receivables, Accounts Payables and General Ledger, payroll, reporting, invoicing, inventory management functions work within SapphireOne.