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To ensure your dollars continue to flow, you need your customers purchasing experience to be seamless. This is where payment gateways come in, they facilitate payment options and help you finish the sales process. Stripe is a fully-integrated, clean and simple payment gateway that allows you to receive payments anywhere, anytime.

Benefits of Stripe and SapphireOne

  • Seamlessly manage payments on your client-server desktop, or on your SapphireOne Web Pack for mobile payments on-the-go.
  • Enjoy fast and hassle free payments with no lengthy payment processes.
  • Offer better security for your customers, and ensure that personal details are passed securely between customer and merchant.

Get started with Stripe

In Stripe

  1. Create your own Stripe account, click on the link below OR log into your existing account.
  2. In the Account menu on the left click on Developers.
  3. Click on API Keys.
  4. Under Standard keys copy the Secret key.

In SapphireOne

  1. On the left go to Mode drop down and select Utilities
  2. In the top toolbar select Controls
  3. Click on Master Defaults
  4. On the left under Utilities Mode there is now Page drop down
  5. Scroll down and click on API
  6. In the API screen, go to API Payment Gateway
  7. In the Type select Stripe
  8. In API Key paste the Secret key received from Stripe above

You're now ready to start processing payments.