The most comprehensive ERP Software Solution

SapphireOne has extensive ERP System features and capabilities as standard functionality, which makes it suitable for any size enterprise

SapphireOne ERP software solution streamlines your manufacturing business


SapphireOne ERP software solution streamlines your manufacturing business and supports the entire operational lifecycle, from planning to sourcing, creation to delivery.

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Evolve your wholesale distribution business with fully integrated SapphireOne ERP system


Evolve your wholesale distribution business with the fully integrated SapphireOne ERP system that is designed with all of the tools required to manage and automate the business process efficiently.

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SapphireOne makes streamlining and automating your business processes a breeze

SapphireOne has Multi company and multi-currency management capabilities, designed to improve the quality, efficiency and effectiveness of any size enterprise. 


Industries that we serve


Not for Profit Organisation

Not for profit organisations

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Consumer products

Consumer products

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Apparel textiles

Apparel /textiles

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Food and Beverage Industry


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Industrial Machinery Industry

Industrial Machinery

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Timber Industry

Timber Industry

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Electronics industry

Electronics Industry

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Plastics and Rubber industry

Plastic/Rubber Industry

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Wire and Cable industry

Wire and Cable

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Agriculture industry

Agriculture Industry

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Automotive industry

Automotive Industry

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Biotechnology industry


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Building Materials Industry

Building Materials

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Chemicals industry

Chemical Industry

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Furniture and Home Decor industry

Furniture/ Home Decor

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Medical Products industry

Medical products

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Metal Industry

Metal Industry

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Mining Industry

Mining Industry

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Petroleum and Oil and Gas industry

Petroleum / Oil and Gas Recruiter

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Paper and Packaging industry

Packaging industry

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Pharmaceuticals industry

Pharmaceuticals Industry

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Ship and building industry

Boat & Yacht Building

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Transportation and Equipment industry

Transportation Industry

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Plumbing and HVAC industry

Plumbing & HVAC

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Restaurant equipment industry

Restaurant equipment Industry

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Medical Research industry

Medical Research

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Improving Logistics and Distribution Processes

SapphireOne ERP solution is designed in such a way, that it gives your logistics and distribution business the clarity and confidence of running the entire operation smoothly

SapphireOne ERP Accounting software helps improve your logistics and the distribution business

SapphireOne ERP Accounting Software is designed in such a way, that it gives your logistics and distribution business the clarity and confidence of running the entire operation smoothly. It allows businesses to see whether they have the capacity, the availability of resources, the value of stocks and how that stocks should be rotated. SapphireOne automates and streamlines core business financial processes and improves the traceability and tracking of the entire system.

In a logistics and distribution business it is important to ensure that stock levels are available in real time in the system. This enables faster and accurate delivery of customers’ demands and prevents unfulfilled orders. SapphireOne provides highly configurable logistics and distribution management tools to assist with driving your operations efficiently and profitably. Read a blog about ERP Automation and logistics and distribution business.

Key features and functionality of SapphireOne ERP Solution

Functions that SapphireOne ERP solution provides to excel your manufacturing and distribution business

MRP functionality

MRP functionality

Manufacturing Execution

Manufacturing Execution

Financial accounting

Financial Accounting

Quality management

Quality Management

Distribution accounting

Distribution Accounting

Procurement management

Procurement management

Asset management

Asset Management

Supply Chain Management

Supply Chain Management

Product lifecycle management

Product lifecycle Management

Supplier Management

Supplier Management

Human Resource

Human Resources

Purchase Order Management

Purchase Order (PO) Management

Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence (BI) Solution

Warehouse Management

Warehouse Management

Inventory management

Inventory Management

Point of Sale POS

Point of Sale (POS) Systems

Financial management

Financial Management

Customer relationship management CRM

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Project management

Project Management

Ease of Integration

Ease of Integration

Integrated Web Based ERP System

Increases Efficiency and Improves Customer Service

SapphireOne ERP software solution is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems and has a Integrated Web Based ERP System


SapphireOne is an On-premises software but it also has a web version. The Sapphire Web pack solution allows for unlimited users to access certain parts of the live data file from any device with a browser. It allows users to enter data, look up clients and vendors and have access to other accounting functions. Point of Sale (POS) is one of the functions that is included in the Sapphire Web pack solution. This is one of the popular functions in SapphireOne that users can create multiple stores and control these stores via the Sapphire Web Pack. SapphireOne ERP software solution is compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems. It is a highly scalable solution, with the ability to support unlimited users concurrently.

Read a blog about Benefit of SapphireOne ERP Software solution

A flexible and scalable mid market ERP Solution

Mid-Market ERP Solution

SapphireOne meets the criteria and weighting factors to cover the whole of the mid-market space

SapphireOne provides a flexible and scalable mid-market ERP Solution

SapphireOne streamlines Stock taking processes

Using the SapphireOne ERP Solution means that you can obtain stock data quickly and reliably in a timely manner.

SapphireOne Enterprise Resource Planning ( ERP ) solution automates and integrates core business processes. With the Sapphire custom WebPack Solution, preparing for stocktake is very easy. Sapphire WebPack is directly connected real time with the main SapphireOne solution and supplied with the existing master data from the inventory management system. With the Sapphire WebPack solution employees simply carry out the stocktake in the warehouse using an iPad, iPhone or any device that support a browser. iPad connected with Bluetooth scanner for bar code scanning makes inventory checking simple. Correspondingly, the SapphireOne main system updates all the stocktaking simultaneously. Using the Sapphire WebPack means that you can obtain stock data quickly and reliably in a timely manner.

sapphireone services platform web pack

Features and Capabilities of SapphireOne ERP Software Suite

SapphireOne ERP software streamlines your organization’s workflow within all departments allowing growth and better decision making

SapphireOne has extensive ERP Software features & capabilities as standard functionality

SapphireOne uses the most advanced information management system and provides two major software releases per year. Below are some of the features and capabilities that empowers SapphireOne to manage business processes of any size enterprise –


Support Multiple Companies and Currencies

Personalisation Features / Customisation

Drill Down and Audit Trail Capabilities

Chart-of-Accounts Flexibility

Modular Integration

Workflow Capabilities

Reporting and Analysis tools

Fine tuning with Sapphire Tools

System Security and backups

Web capabilities

SapphireOne for small, medium and large businesses

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Better Decision making

SapphireOne is a well-integrated ERP solution that has the ability to drill as far down into the financial records as is necessary to produce reports. This makes year-over-year comparison more accurate in a timely manner. Therefore, businesses are assisted in forecasting their business plan, decision making process and ultimately the sales and purchasing processes.

Generate Revenue for Business

SapphireOne is an integrated software suite combining the functionality of ERP, CRM and accounting software. SapphireOne has the ability to streamlines business processes by reducing operating cost, improving customer service and by integrating all business information systems into a centralised data management system. This helps business functions in generating revenue at an exponential rate.

Stay on Top of Regulations

SapphireOne is a multi-user (client/server) ERP software solution complying with standards such as accounting standard, data security, product traceability, trade and export compliance etc.  SapphireOne always stay on top of regulations and make sure that all functionalities are updated whenever changes occur in government regulations.

SapphireOne ERP software solution implementation plan

SaphireOne ERP System Implementation Plan

SapphireOne ERP System implementation strategy focuses on four main elements

Project Initiation Document

This document defines the project in order to form a basis for its management and assessment of its overall success. The document outlines the objectives and desired outcomes, project scope (including customisation requirements) and exclusions, project costs, project plan, project controls and the roles and responsibilities of the project team.

Customised SapphireOne Application

This is a version of the SapphireOne Application that includes any identified and agreed to product customisations. We understand most of the organisations tend to customise their software as per their requirements. So in order to fit SapphireOne software into your organisation, you also have the choice to customise the SapphireOne ERP Solution to suite your business needs.

Verified Client Data File

This is an electronic file generated by the SapphireOne Application and linked to the Client’s own unique identifier. The file includes all imported data and formatting as dictated by First Time mode and is located on the Client’s dedicated SapphireOne server. This file has undergone testing for any identifiable data anomalies by SapphireOne developers and the Senior User.

Training Plan

For training and demonstration purpose here at SapphireOne we use the meeting function of the TeamViewer that is off-site. At the same time our Sapphire team will assist you via a telephone conference. In this way you will get information in portions and will have enough time to understand everything and ask questions or clarify what is unclear. Our training program is conducted by scheduling an appointment with our Sapphire team.

SapphireOne prides itself by saying that to date, in SapphireOne no incident of data breach has taken place. SapphireOne ERP provides the security of your company data file. SapphireOne’s sophisticated design, secured 4D database connection protect your company data from attack cycle and ensure smooth running of your business function and company data file.

User management

Normal user names and Passwords are required to log into the SapphireOne system. Users may be allowed to access all of the data file or down to a single solitary item in one menu. This allows management complete control of what each individual user can or cannot access within the program. We also have Workbook mode which can be set up with a standard set of menus, for a single user or thousands of users to use the same workbook mode. If POS is to be used, the user can be set up so that they can only access the POS screen. If required for POS transactions, it can be set up that they enter their user name before raising any POS transactions.


SapphireOne has one of the most robust data filing system. The system has the ability to repair the data automatically. The SapphireOne ERP system keeps a real time running log file which is used for creating backups. This may be turned off by the user if required but is not recommended. The system each night takes the log file and converts it into a backup to be stored in a place or places selected by the user. If the system fails during the day our programmers can take the log file, with the last back up done by the system, and restore it when the failure occurred. Manual Backups may be done by the user at any time, and is recommended when changes are to be made to the system.

CRM- Customer Relationship Management

SapphireOne’s all in one ERP CRM and Accounting Software solution incorporate seamlessly across any organization. It provides greater agility, flexibility, scalability and  the power to ensure businesses meet its objectives. SapphireOne software can be integrated with familiar tools, such as Excel, allowing employees to be  more productive and smarter.

Customer Relationship Management


5 star rating for sapphireone erp accounting software


Macworld recommended Sapphireone erp accounting software

SapphireOne is a financial and Enterprise Resource Planning – ERP software suite that covers everything a business would need. Compared to many other systems that offer similar functions, it’s able to successfully beat its competition with features that make it stand out from the crowd. SapphireOne can be run either as a stand alone application or in client-server mode. The user interface is very easy to use. A single toolbar provides easy access to every module within SapphireOne. This ERP software suite offers a fully integrated document management system within all of its modules. SapphireOne is a well-designed system that delivers a lot of excellent functionalities.

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SapphireOne Real time ERP

Real-time ERP

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SapphireOne’s sole purpose is to ease the flow of information between all business enterprise processes within your organisation.