ERP for fast-moving consumer product industry

Consumer product industry benefits with ERP software

Consumer goods are items that are bought for consumption by the average buyer. Also known as final goods, they are the end result of manufacture and trade and are what a consumer will see on the supply shelf. Companies involved with the sale of consumer goods require an accounting software for the day to day running of their business, by using the SapphireOne ERP accounting software suite, consumer goods businesses can greatly improve their productivity.

Fully functional ERP software

Consumer product and services

Fulfil customer expectations

In order to fulfil customer expectations, maximize sales, grow market share and make customers happy, companies should use a fully functional ERP software for consumer products and services.

Profitable growth

Due to growing customer demands and a highly competitive market , consumer products businesses can struggle to drive a profitable growth.

CRM to consumer goods

SapphireOne is a robust Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system providing Financial management, inventory management, POS, logistics and distribution, supply chain management and customer relationship management to consumer goods companies regardless of their business’s size.

Consumer Products industry requires an ERP solution

Sapphire ERP Software will help you manage your business with ease.


The consumer goods industry faces changing customer demands and constant cost cutting efforts from retailers. Companies dealing with Consumer Products require an ERP solution which is capable of managing the diverse distribution channels associated with servicing retailers and grocery chains.

This is where Sapphire will help you. With built-in CRM, product management, Point-of Sale, tracking notes, Vendor management, promotions/pricing, EDI integration and more, Sapphire will help you manage your business with ease.