Style-Colour-Size Matrix MRP

The apparel and textile features have been integrated into SapphireOne’s Inventory and Job Projects module since our inception


The style-colour-size matrix functionality is embedded into every data entry function in Inventory and Job Projects. For example, within inventory we have the ability to use SapphireOne’s MRP (material resource planning) tool which incorporates analytical predictive purchasing, allowing the user to dynamically create purchase orders and bill of materials (BOM) thus saving enormous amounts of data entry time as this function is fully automated. This very powerful MRP (material resource planning) table matrix ability facilitates forecast demand accuracy, improved allocation and replenishment, and accurate inventory control, critically managing seasonal buying, production and sales. The Season is an inbuilt field in the SapphireOne inventory table which in turn allows the user to report, sort, and search by season. SapphireOne also has an Indent field which in turn links to an indent season.

Supply Chain Management

Surpass Supplier and Retailer expectations and be the leader of the pack.


From tracking your raw materials and goods for production, or purchasing finished goods, SapphireOne’s apparel style-colour-size matrix ERP software application for apparel and textiles industry will provide accurate information of both your vendors and clients inventory requirements. Whether it be lead time from vendors or your clients viewing your inventory via Brandscope, SapphireOne provides more accurate delivery to your clients, in turn helping you smooth your supply chain process.

Servicing an independent retail base is a resource hungry exercise. Using leading edge web technology, you can show more product to more customers in less time.

Scoping out and buying brands takes time. Brandscope brings the brands to you on a platform bursting with online tools that will revolutionise the way you find, view and buy product for your store. More brands, more releases, more product.

With Brandscope  you get immediate access to quality retailers using unique and dynamic online tools to launch your brand with speed and efficiency giving you the competitive edge.

Sales Support

Real time access for the sales team is imperative in today’s age


It is absolutely mandatory that your sales team and management have real time access to your apparel and textile inventory, whether by using iPhone, Android device, iPad, tablet, Macbook Pro or laptop.

With SapphireOne your sales team and management will be able to provide real time quotes, client orders, client invoices, lookup inventory availability, including current, on order and backordered stock. Using the Sapphire Webpack, your sales team can create CRM notes using voice to text on the iPhone, create sales appointments that are viewable on the Sapphire company calendar, view sales reports by salesperson, total sales for the day, month to date and year-to-date sales reports.

When creating a sales order on the iPhone or iPad the salesperson can ask the client to sign the order, the signature will be placed on the transaction and a sales confirmation can be emailed as a PDF to the client from their device in real time.


Apparel & Textiles industry using ERP Software

SapphireOne provides a single application for the apparel and textiles industry requirements


Dashboards & Show Reports

SapphireOne Sales, Inventory and Purchasing have a large range of inbuilt dashboards. As a SapphireOne user you can create your own dashboards which can be drawn from any table or field contained within the SapphireOne application database, for example that could be a sales pipeline dashboard by sales person.

SapphireOne’s flexible design and structure, is incredibly powerful in generating reports and delivering information in any format required. SapphireOne’s inbuilt Show Reports allows a very flexible and dynamic view of your inventory, sales and purchasing data.


EDI with SPS commerce

To manage orders and pay vendors on time, large organisations use electronic data interchange (EDI). EDI decreases the order-to-cash cycle time, i.e. suppliers to retailers get paid faster. This helps to maximise efficiency and minimise errors. EDI improves speed, accuracy, security and trade communication. More than just a data format, EDI is a system or method for exchanging business documents with external entities and integrating the data from those documents into your internal systems. Without EDI capabilities, a business has a greater risk of revenue loss from chargeback penalties, loss of opportunity to the processing delay, loss of reputation and credit with customers.

SPS Commerce’s fulfilment EDI has hundreds of document types covering most transaction types that are commonly used among vendors and suppliers. With a singular focus on the retail marketplace, SPS commerce has revolutionised traditional EDI systems, by developing a model that is the most cost-effective and reliable in the industry.


Financial Management is the key to Apparel and Textile business success

Fully integrated with SapphireOne Apparel ERP/ CRM/ DMS software application, the General Ledger, Receivables and Payables modules allow you to manage all your critical financial aspects of your business and allow you to track financial data throughout your apparel and textiles industry business.

It is critical to have the right tools to understand your business financial status, SapphireOne ERP/CRM/DMS software application can provide you with those tools.