SapphireOne ERP for Pharmaceutical Industry

Pharmaceutical industries discovers, produces, develops, and markets drugs or pharmaceutical drugs for use as different types of medicine and medications

Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS)

Pharmaceutical industry products require Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) provides information about the hazards of the products and how the materials can be safely handled, used, and stored. It includes information on physical and chemical properties, physical and health hazards, routes of exposure, precautions for safe handling and use, emergency and first-aid procedures, and control measures. The SapphireOne inventory module has fully integrated MSDS functionality which offers 30 unique alphanumeric fields, and 10 unique date and 10 unique numeric fields, which are fully customisable.

Materials Resource Planning (MRP)

With SapphireOne’s Materials Resource Planning (MRP) you can generate time-based manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability within the pharmaceutical industry. The SapphireOne MRP function uses the Saw Tooth pattern which balances supply and demand. It also monitors what you are consuming and informs you when it is time to re-order.

Bill of Materials (BoM)

Companies whose BoM systems consist mainly of spreadsheets know that manual data entry is tedious and prone to mistakes, where there is a risk of using an outdated recipe for production. SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS has built in Bill of Materials which ensures everyone is using the latest recipe. SapphireOne BoM allows flexibility of using alternative raw materials while ensuring all ingredients are within their batch expiry dates. Traceability is vital when dealing in pharmaceuticals, SapphireOne BoM allows recording of batch numbers, production date and expiry date for every raw material through to the finished goods. SapphireOne BoM also facilitate standard mix and blend sizes with material percentages in the mix are provided so that you view the materials as either percentages, weight or pack quantities for a mix or blend.

Document Management System (DMS)

SapphireOne’s integrated Document Management System (DMS) allows you to store all relevant documents digitally within the data file. Access to the documents can be controlled using document management system, meaning no one can access your official and sensitive documents without permission.

Financial Reporting

SapphireOne’s Accounts mode gathers financial data from Payroll, Assets, Job Projects and Inventory modes. Here the user can generate reports such as Balance Sheet, Trial balance, general ledger activity, Income statement (profit & loss), Client and Vendor Statements, cash flow and bank reconciliation.