Industrial Machinery manufacturer Bordo International uses SapphireOne

Many industrial activities also require specialised tools, including tools custom-made for specific tasks.


Bordo International, an industrial machinery manufacture, is a premium supplier of industrial and engineering tools. They are headquartered in Melbourne and have been using SapphireOne since 1995. Bordo distributes throughout Australia and has an extensive distribution network in key markets throughout the world.  With operations in Australia and Europe – Bordo International relies on SapphireOne for accurate management, insights and control. SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS supports multi-currency and multi-company which is crucial for Bordo’s operations.

With custom programming, Bordo has direct integration with their freight systems, which provide for accurate inventory and delivery management across a complex supply chain.


The customised Sapphire Web Pack used by Bordo delivers the fastest pick-path through the warehouse to the operator by arranging the items that need to be collected by the best picking efficiency. The integration of iPads and barcode scanners has made a huge difference to all areas of Bordo’s business, from warehouse operations to sales people who are able to place orders quickly and receive instant sales and customer information.

The customised Sapphire Web Pack used by Bordo

Perfect for the Industrial Machinery Manufacturing Industry

Document Management System (DMS)

SapphireOne has a fully integrated Document Management System for attaching and storing of documents. Document management is an integral part of Bordo International’s daily operation and the entire company is now paperless.

Materials Resource Planning

SapphireOne ERP, CRM DMS application such as are complex and diverse, with sophisticated Inventory Management including serial batch management, Bill of Materials (BOM), and Materials Resource Planning (MRP). Bordo use SapphireOne MRP on a daily basis which allow for efficient forecasting and budgeting of their organisation.

Streamlined Processes

SapphireOne has streamlined all Bordo’s business processes and centralising management, which gives the management team quick decision making and clear analytics which has become essential for their business to grow.

With the integration of Payroll/HR, Asset Management, Job Projects and Customer Relationship Management in the SapphireOne application the users have everything at their fingertips.