SapphireOne ERP Solution for Mining Industry

Mining in a wider sense includes extraction of any non-renewable resource such as petroleum, natural gas, or even water.

Mining is the extraction of valuable minerals or other geological materials from the earth, usually from a lode, seam, vein, reef, placer deposit or orebody. These deposits from a mineralised package that is of economic interest to the mining company. Ores recovered by mining include coal, metals, shale, limestone, chalk, gemstones, gravel, rock salt, potash and clay. The mining industry is required to obtain any material that cannot be grown through agricultural processes or created artificially in a laboratory or factory.

Job Projects

SapphireOne’s Job Project-based ERP optimises contact and opportunity management, it has fully-integrated job project planning with integrated Gantt chart, seamlessly connects procurement, sales and production departments. SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS has real-time project margin calculations, including expected vs. actual costs and forecasts at any stage of the project.

SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS also has fully integrated Workflow support for everyone involved in the job project, including tasks and automated alarms (e.g. outstanding tasks, at-risk margin etc).

Document Management System (DMS)

A document management system allows you to implement a stratified documents and sensitive information access protocol. With this framework in place, you can effectively specify and monitor who has access to the documents.

SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS with document managing capabilities grants you the ability to conveniently sort and manage vast caches of transaction documents with ease in the shortest time possible. No longer will time be spent on unproductive activities like document filing and searching, the document management system will do all these in real-time. Not only do you reduce running costs through decreased expenditure on paper and other stationery, your employees can focus on other more productive tasks.


Material Resource Planning (MRP)

Material Resource Planning (MRP) is a computer-based inventory management system. MRP generates time-based manufacturing and purchasing plans for optimal inventory availability which is tied to historical data of customer demands. SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS has a strong integration of material planning with resource planning that guarantees reliable outsourcing and timely purchasing.

The main theme of MRP software is to “get the materials to the right place at the right time”. In any inventory management, regardless of the level of sophisticated technology used, the Saw Tooth pattern is followed. In this pattern there is a certain amount of inventory that you start with, then you consume it, stock levels drop, you reorder the stock, you receive this stock and the process continues.

ERP Dashboard

The ERP Dashboard goes by many names. You most likely would have heard them being called Business Intelligences (BI) or Performance Indicator Dashboards. Regardless of the name, these features do one thing – present business statistics and performance indicators in a visually attractive and graphically intuitive interface. The SapphireOne ERP dashboard utilises graphs, bar charts and other visually engaging design elements that provide a succinct overview of a business’s financial standings.

Payroll/ HR

Payroll and Human Resources (HR) is an integral part of the SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS application.  SapphireOne Payroll/HR encompasses everything from payroll, WHS, leave planning and employee self service to BI Dashboards & reports, manager alerts and process automation. SapphireOne also includes fully integrated timesheet management for both resources and activities that flow directly back into the Payroll function.

How SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS helps Mining Industry?