Furniture and Home Decor

Integrated, Scalable ERP Software


The Furniture / home decor manufacturing industries acquire unique business ERP CRM accounting software requirements. To keep bound with client need, furniture manufacturers are contributing greatly lengthened product lines and custom options.

The varied diversity of furniture materials, measurements, colors, appearances, materials and product options are placing augmented requests on information systems to provide the functionality and flexibility required to address all business requirements.

The Furniture / home decor manufacturing industries

Unique business ERP CRM accounting software


SapphireOne industrial ERP CRM Business Accounting Software is designed for supporting furniture manufacturing and its production companies. It help you to participate and gain in the furniture manufacturing industry and can improve supply chain management, inventory management. CRM (Customer Relationship Management) understands the client journey with CRM solution, and you can drive your manufacturing businesses more efficiently and profitability, it reduces complexity and risk using SapphireOne ERP Accounting.


It is a critical task to deploy right Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) software, if you own a furniture, bedding, appliance or electronics retail business . There are lots of inventory to keep track of in a furniture and home decor business such as Mattress, audio system, Home theatre, Appliance etc. In order to manage the flow of inventory an ERP software that has barcode scanning capabilities is essential.


This allows shipping and receiving department to enter new items into the store database as they arrive, while your sales team can remove them when they make a sale. SapphireOne ERP system is specially designed for furniture and home decor industry that accelerate the performance of business growth.