ERP Application Software for Plastic & Rubber Industry

The requirements for an ERP CRM DMS application such as SapphireOne are complex and diverse, with sophisticated inventory management including serial batch management, Bill of Materials (BOM), and Materials Resource Planning (MRP).

Industrial Sector

Plastics are part of the chemical industry, additionally as mineral oil is the major constituent of plastics, it is regarded a part of the petrochemical industry.

Besides plastics production, plastics engineering is an important part of the industrial sector.

Plastics production continues to grow globally, products produced include thermoplastics and polyurethanes, as well as thermosets, adhesives, coatings and sealants and polypropylene fibres.

Rubber Technology

Rubber Technology is the subject dealing with the transformation of rubbers or elastomers into useful products, such as automobile tyres, rubber mats and, exercise rubber stretching bands. The materials include latex, natural rubber, synthetic rubber and other polymeric materials, such as thermoplastic elastomers. Rubber processed through such methods are components of a wide range of items. Synthetic rubber, like natural rubber, has uses in the automotive industry for tyres, door and window profiles, hoses, belts, matting, and flooring. Synthetic rubber is any artificial elastomer, these are mainly polymers synthesised from petroleum by-products.

Material Safety Data

Most rubber products are vulcanized, a process which involves heating with a small quantity of sulphur (or equivalent cross-linking agent) so as to stabilise the polymer chains, over a wide range of temperature. Because of the complex nature of the manufacture and storage of the raw materials involved in the Plastic and rubber industries, it is mandatory to store all the materials safety data sheet (MSDS) information and is linked to all your inventories. It is both critical and vital that the information is immediately accessible by all users, and is seamlessly integrated into your SapphireOne ERP, CRM, DMS inventory application.

SapphireOne ERP application

Store unlimited historical data on every table and field within your SapphireOne datafile. SapphireOne also has the ability to store unlimited images on each and every inventory item

SapphireOne ERP grows with the Plastic & Rubber Industry

How SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS helps plastic and rubber industry