ERP Software for Wire and cable Industries

Wire and cable manufacturing has seen increasing demand

SapphireOne offerings its developments for still additional market, providing new integrated ERP Software solutions for manufacturers of wire and cables and suppliers of communication and distribution of electricity.

SapphireOne developed ERP CRM solutions for this sector in order to manage and control the production of wire and cables. SapphireOne helps you to select the right accounting software for the wire and cable industries. The system is prepared to work with insulated cables of all types of voltage, including concealed and marine cables, aluminum or copper cables and all types of cables.


Effective Financial Data

Wire and Cable Industries

Rapid growth

Wire Product Manufacturing industry data is vast to manage its rapid growth.

Supervising of workplaces

SapphireOne Business accounting software for industry resolves these problems through effective supervising of workplaces and effective financial data.

Improve efficiency and competition

Wire and cable manufacture industry now has tackles for accounting software and control of projects in order to improve efficiency and competition.

SapphireOne Accounting Software for wire and cable industries


Wire and cable industries are largely driven by demand and supply, due to high increase in revenue from wire and cable business over the last 20 years.

This industry has high standards when it comes to quality, approval and certification of products.

Requires an accounting software in order to maintenance these sales, purchases, invoices, budgeting, payroll, tracking notes, effective control of the consumption of aluminum or copper wires, inventory management, optimization of logistics management etc.

SapphireOne Accounting Software helps to improve your business efficiency.