SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS for Restaurant Equipment Industry

SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS will help you manage all aspects of your restaurant equipment business, including inventory, accounting, sales invoicing, purchasing, import & export, logistic management, asset management, payroll/HR, timesheets, and document management.

Contact Relationship Management (CRM)

SapphireOne’s Customer Relationship Management (CRM) will help you to manage all your restaurant equipment relationships and interactions not just with your clients and potential clients, but also your vendors and employees. Contact Relationship Management enables you to focus on your organisation’s relationships with individual people – whether they be clients, service users, colleagues or vendors. CRM is not just for sales, increases in productivity can come from moving beyond CRM as a sales and marketing tool and embedding it in your business, from HR to customer services and supply-chain management. CRM is a valuable a tool which helps with sales management, workflow processes, productivity and more. Synchronize events and tasks across devices and calendars, and get a complete view of the client, vendor and partner relationships.

Document Management System (DMS)

SapphireOne’s Document Management System (DMS) will help your business evolve to a paperless operation. Electronically scan documents including vendor packing lists and invoices, customer purchase orders, invoices and receipts, credit applications, warranties and certificates. The SapphireOne DMS improves inter-office communication and record keeping. Access to documents can be controlled, meaning no one can access your sensitive documents without permission. Users can have access to critical files, enabling them to answer customer questions and quickly resolve vendor issues.

SapphireOne DMS permanently attaches the documents to the relevant transaction or record so you have instant access to any document stored in your data file, reducing employees time filing and reducing the need for the physical storage of paperwork.

Job Projects for Estimating and Quoting

SapphireOne ERP CRM DMS with integrated Job Projects, will provide a detailed cost calculation which allows the user to modify the margin, mark-up or gross profit at the inventory line level, which automatically updates the quoted sell price. Vendor costs are accessible from the quoting page providing a margin, mark-up and gross profit per line item.

You can introduce for restaurant equipment client data, type of product, technical details about the job orders and send the quotation directly to clients via email.

How SapphireOne helps Restaurant Equipment Industry?