Wholesale Distribution and Logistics Management


SapphireOne ERP accounting allows you to manage your business processes efficiently. It works with your whole business and distribution process to help you modernize and customize processes and procedures that fulfill your wholesale distribution needs. Sapphire allows you to invest in a support system considered to meet your requirements. SapphireOne ERP is ideally suited to Distribution businesses and allows you to optimize your logistics management. SapphireOne has easy to use delivery scheduling and manifest functionalities.


Sapphire is a complete accounting package that offers wide-ranging business software solutions to meet the needs of medium to large size businesses. Sapphire is a proven ERP accounting tool for wholesale distribution of food and beverages, building and construction products, clothing, electronics, plastic and rubber, wire and cable, chemicals, and other high margin businesses. We serve many industries comprising manufacturing, import & export, on-line & point of sale, retail, supply chain, wholesale and agribusiness. We provide a complete software solution.


SapphireOne meets the client’s needs for rapid installation, flexibility and reliability of enhanced ERP CRM Business Accounting deployment. It performs inventory management, warehouse management, finance management, customer relationship management, sales invoicing, timesheets and payroll for businesses in the distribution industry. Our mid-market ERP is designed to expedite distribution performance and functionality to manage all distribution operations.

Empower your business growth with SapphireOne


In a wholesale distribution environment, reliable ERP software functionality is vital for your business. You may think that all ERP software solutions are very similar, but in reality not all ERP solutions are robust enough to support the complex distribution and logistics requirements.

At SapphireOne we manage all aspects of manufacturing and distribution including inventory, sales invoicing, purchasing, import & export, document management, logistic management, payroll, timesheets, accounting, tracking notes etc. SapphireOne is a world-class ERP CRM software with an integrated accounting system for wholesale distributors and manufacturers which delivers significant gains in performance and efficiency and empowers your business growth.

Evolve your wholesale distribution business


SapphireOne ERP system has excellent distribution and logistics software functionalities which help to improve sales performance and organizational efficiencies while reducing costs and improving supply chain management and line item fill rates.

Evolve your wholesale distribution business with the fully integrated SapphireOne ERP CRM Business Accounting Software system that is designed with the tools required to manage and automate your business processes efficiently.

Functionalities of Distribution system that SapphireOne provides


POS software and sales support


Forecasting & material requirement planning (MRP)


Distribution requirements planning (DRP)


Centralised purchasing


Import & export management


Inventory management


Barcode scanning


Warehouse Management System


Logistics, manifest & delivery scheduling