How DMS works under Workbook module

How to operate?

SapphireOne Document Management System DMS Workbook Mode

Anytime, anywhere access

DMS has ability to access files and documents anywhere, anytime, regardless of device used. This is particularly handy when using Sapphire Web Pack as you can access all documents remotely.

Better organisation

With right title or name to your files and documents, it becomes easier to organise, locate and retrieve for future use. A search using the appropriate keywords can produce results in a matter of seconds.

Time/cost efficiency

Employee efficiency is a time-saver, it saves time and money too. Document management system can be done at absolutely no seperate cost using SapphireOne accounting software.

More consistent content

DMS helps to format, name and control any file or document consistently. This in turn saves employee’s time and increases productivity. No more paper work.

Benefits of Document Management System - Workbook

Document management system (DMS) can track, manage and store documents efficiently, scan and upload a purchase order into DMS under workbook module, it reducing paper work

Reduced Storage Space

Using the document management solution (DMS) can reduce the need for office space with file cabinets, boxes and storage bins. This is a valuable asset for any enterprise.

Enhanced Security

Access to documents can be controlled using DMS System. No one can access your official and sensitive documents without your permission which enhances security.

Better Backup and Calamity Recovery

With document management system, paper documents are protected from fire and flood and other disasters. Documents are highly traceable and can be tracked within a range of criterias.