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The Payroll Reporting and History menu within the Payroll module of the SapphireOne business accounting software provides access to an array of printable historical reports related to your company’s payroll activities as well as estimating leave liabilities for entry into your General Ledger.

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History at a glance

Transaction Lines

Payroll Reporting allows your payroll staff to easily access all historical records for each employee’s pay hours, allowances and deductions. This function also allows you to view an individual line of a past pay slip.

Statement of Leave

Need to estimate your company’s leave liability? This function will allow you to export or print the estimated leave liability in a journal entry format

Pay Run Log

An easy to read log that displays all pay runs executed in your company’s data file. This Log can also produce a Month End Log which displays totals for items such as Allowances and Deductions, at the end of each month

Historical Reports

Transaction Reports

Report History Transactions totalled by an Employee in either summary form or in more detail for a specific period or a group of periods. Print Historical Pay Line details with the option of doing so by specific sort order

Pay Run Summary

With Payroll Reporting functionality print a summary of all pay runs in either a Condensed, One Line Summary, Transaction Summary or SuperReport format. Sort order any of these reports in a number of available options for easy reference.

Pay Slip Summary

Sort Order a Historical pay slip for any pay run. Print these pay slips in a variety of ways depending on your company procedures. Report on Leave taken with various sorts and subtotalling options.

Superannuation Report

Print a summary of Superannuation for all pay runs in a variety of sort order options. Any Superannuation adjustments can also be specifically selected for printing in this Report. Print historical Superannuation reports for Employees with the options of reporting Superannuation in condensed summary or full report formats as Fully Paid, Owing or All Records

Employee Activities Report

Have your HR easily find a breakdown of each employee by using various dates and different sort criteria

Reconciliation Reports

Provide your accountant with an audit style report for the accumulative totals to be transferred into the General Ledger. Provide a summarised report by period to assist your Payroll staff with the reconciliation of allowances.

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Accountants & financial controllers all have their personal preferences. However, SapphireOne is a RocketShip because of its excellent reporting!

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