Amazing performance improvements

SapphireOne version 17 comes with dynamically improved performance


There are some amazing performance improvements in the large processing functions in version 17. For example, when processing Month End or Business Activity Statement (BAS SBR2), which historically have been two of the more time-consuming processes in the SapphireOne ERP, we have seen dramatic increases in performance of up to ten times than earlier versions.

The security level of Sapphire Web server now meets the most rigorous standards with the support of HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).

Single Document Interface (SDI)

With the release of Version 17, we have now implemented SDI Single Document Interface. This new interface provides a new menu navigator which allows for every data entry screen, inquiry, reporting and processing screens to be opened simultaneously. This is a major advantage for those power users who require to run reports while still being able to make inquiries and process data entry.

We always achieve more than required from our clients

One of the greatest gifts we can give to our client is the gift of attention. We have learned a great deal by listening carefully to our clients. For this reason, we give credit to our clients for helping to evolve and develop SapphireOne to version 17.

See what happened at the SapphireOne Launch Version 17

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