SapphireOne Release: 13.3.29

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SapphireOne Lunch Day 2013
Attendees at the 2013 SapphireOne Launch

Over the past few weeks we have been kept busy preparing for our annual SapphireOne Launch 2013 and I am pleased to say that the overriding response from those who attended the event was that it was a huge success.

The new features and functions demonstrated on the day were enthusiastically received, with the standouts being the addition of “˜Workflow’ and “˜Unit Demand’.

We also conducted a town hall meeting, where we collectively voted on and short-listed 80 new features and inclusions which are now under development.

Another interesting outcome of the day was the resounding opinion that we should extend the duration of the conference to two days.

This reconfirms to me how important this forum is for all of us, as a training ground and arena for addressing the future direction of the SapphireOne application.

I’d like thank those who attended for being part of a truly memorable event and look forward to seeing everyone at the 2014 SapphireOne Launch.

John Adams
CEO SapphireOne